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Atoll – Prepuce

by Alex Barnard at 15 July 2022, 9:26 AM

ATOLL is a Brutal Death Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. “Prepuce” is the group’s first EP, released by Unique Leader Records on April 15, 2022.

It’s good to see a band that mixes brutality with a sense of humor. Whereas most groups in this style will sample sound from horror films, ATOLL makes use of bits from shows like “Family Guy” (“Cirrhosis for Dinner”) for a comedic yet ultimately fitting effect. What’s clear, too, is that the musicianship on this EP is unparalleled. Aside from the fact that I can’t understand what Wade Taylor is saying at all, the entire band are clearly masters of what they do.

The riffing on this EP is also excellent. Tracks like “Gathering Swarm” and “Molotov Cock Tease” feature devastating breakdowns mixed with breakneck tempos, whereas other songs like “Hitchhiker” demonstrate the ability of not only the various guitarists but also bassist Cameron Broomfield to drop a wicked solo.

If only I were a bigger fan of this EP. At the end of the day, while the riffing is really good and I enjoy the silly soundbites and the musicianship, the sound of Brutal Death Metal just really is not my cup of tea. It still feels like an overly dense mess of riffing and pig squeals with hardly any form or structure to the music. Of course, one can argue that this is what the band is going for, but it doesn't do it for me.

Overall, this EP is better than most of the Brutal Death Metal releases that I've listened to you, but it's not something I would listen to again. ATOLL clearly have a sound that they have developed and mastered, and if you enjoy that sound, then this is the EP for you. Personally, I prefer a little more melody and structure to my Death Metal, but that’s just me. If you’re in it to mosh, look no further than “Prepuce.”

Production: 8
Musicianship: 7
Song writing: 3
Memorability: 3

2 Star Rating

1. Cirrhosis for Dinner
2. Knifed in the Butt
3. The Circumcisor
4. Molotov Cock Tease
5. Hitchhiker
6. Gathering Swarm
Cameron Broomfield – Bass
Andy Luffey – Drums
Christopher Nick – Guitars
Wade Taylor – Vocals
Spencer Ferguson – Guitars
Neil Nalley – Guitars
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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