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Atomic Flower - Ungrateful...

Atomic Flower
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 21 February 2015, 5:31 PM

Old school Heavy Metal fan? Looking for some new, old Metal? Look no further. Taking a hint from classic Metal bands like HELLOWEEN and JUDAS PRIEST, ATOMIC FLOWER bring a style perfected by the metal gods themselves and adds their own twist in this heavy album. "Ungreatful…" will leave you greatful for what Metal has become, seeing that bands still give praise to the lords that will live on forever.

This 5 track album is more than enough to fill your need. Opening with a "Breaking The Law" style of song, not being over the top, staying catchy but also keeping Metal, "Face The Darkness" is the song that will welcome you to this new age classic. The song that really held me was "Pay Back In Kind" being more melodic and technical, also probably the heaviest song on this album it features plenty of hooks to chain you down. This is the kind of album that would make the gods like Lemmy and Rob Halford proud to see that the flame will never go out, the more people try to extinguish it, the brighter it burns. Want a real surprise, the final track on the album "Ungreatful Sin" has an old Thrash feel, this is the kind of song you would expect to hear on the new Metallica album (and beats most of METALLICA's discography alone). In fact, some of the vocals sound like they could have been done by James Hetfield himself.

All together, this is one hell of a classic album. Definitely an album any fan of old school Heavy Metal wants to pick up, especially those fans of older JUDAS PRIEST and HELLOWEEN.

4 Star Rating

1. Face The Darkness
2. Final Call
3. Pay Back In Kind
4. Born In Fire
5. Ungreatful Sin
Marco Predicatori - Vocals, Guitars
Thom Koller - Bass
Adrian "Adi" Baumgartner - Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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