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Atomic Head - March Of The Urban Zombies

Atomic Head
March Of The Urban Zombies
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 August 2013, 12:44 PM

Another loss cause for mankind’s survival, ohh don’t we know our old school Thrash heritage and regime. Downwards into the veils of South America’s Chile, ATOMIC HEAD, a band of four tough Thrash heads, returned to slice up the new wave of Thrash pie, with an attempting on picking up the larger piece. Back in 2009, I had the honours upon tuning to their debut self-titled EP, summoning American driven Bay Area conviction of METALLICA, SLAYER and MEGADETH. That EP, of its five tracks, itched me that something good was beginning to emerge in the hot lands. Four years later, after the band’s ceased its activities for nearly three years, and ATOMIC HEAD ruddily awakened from its deathly slumber with a debut full length, keeping the DigMetalWorld label at their side. Carving their names in Zombie blood, it is a travel to the ruined cities of an unknown post nuclear war, preparing for the mentally deranged “March Of The Urban Zombies”, with a few supplementary notifications of IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, EXODUS, ANTHRAX and a few spills of GAMA BOMB and MUNICIPAL WASTE.

With my sweet memories of their EP, sadly I couldn’t say the same about “March Of The Urban Zombies”. I missed the band, yet I expected to be bombarded with loads of might entailing of inspiring old school Thrash boosts. ATOMIC HEAD surprised with smirks of MAIDENish harmonics and old British melodies alongside the machinated Punkish zests looming around looking to pick a fight, however, letting out songs that were re-recorded from the EP like “Nuclear Attack” and “The Punishment” and one of the newer tracks, “March of the Urban Zombies”, which reserved this album’s solidity, this whole experience was no more than solid, or respectable if you may. Since day one I like ATOMIC HEAD’s straightforward attitude and their adoration of North American Thrash of the late 80s,  and also I admire their sense for having a crack at refining their tracks with additional Thrash influences and references, following several other courses of actions like spawning incredible lead fretworks, crispy riffing moderately stepping out of the cave, and a few delicious harmonies, but what can I tell you, the larger part of the stuff I listened to sounded more or less the same, vocals seeming flat and to some degree dull to my taste and it was even hard to actually determine a hit. Frankly, I felt the absence of the Speed / Thrash thrills of “The Sinner” and the violating enforcer “Sentenced To Die” while also pushing for the need of the spirit of the earlier versions of “Nuclear Attack” and the partially lucid MOTORHEADish “The Punishment”.

Well as you already know, there is no way back. ATOMIC HEAD need some spice, yet without letting go of their old school vibe even for a bit. For one thing, this band has a pairing of great guitarists with a stimulating musical direction of keeping it thrashy to the bone just like in the old days. Sebastián Galindo K turned a bit unexciting with his vocals, although squeaking a few high register rasps, but I believe that he would affirm his position further on the band’s next venture point. As for the rest of the material, it should be reserved as a fine South American Metal dish, so why not have a go at it.  

3 Star Rating

1. Intro / Lie and Deny
2. I Want You
3. March of the Urban Zombies
4. Friendly Knives
5. Atomic Dawn
6. Nuclear Attack
7. The Punishment
8. Payback Time
9. Nephilim
Sebastián Galindo K - Guitars / Vocals
Luis Pozo - Guitars
Diego Carrillo – Bass / Backing Vocals
Max Campos - Drums
Record Label: DigMetalWorld


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