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Atomik Destruktor - Unnatural Disorder Award winner

Atomik Destruktor
Unnatural Disorder
by V.Srikar at 04 May 2015, 4:51 AM

Modern Thrash has taken many forms, with many twists and turns, but the essence of the genre has remained in the relentless speed and the sharp riffage by the bands. ATOMIK DESTRUKTOR is the latest band trying to breathe some fresh air into the genre, with their debut full length album “Unnatural Disorder”. And interestingly the boys succeed to keep me interested for most part of the album.

With 8 songs on offer here, the album starts with tempo building song in self-titled “Atomic Destruction”, giving a clear idea of what’s on offer for the rest of the album. Its pure relentless riffage, reminiscent of CORONER, ARTILLERY, ULTRA-VIOLENCE, etc. The fast paced solos and constant bullet like ear piercing riffs by both Pedraca and Gibson are what easily constitute the crux of the album. All other instruments being what they normally do, the band doesn’t try to do something very different or extraordinary, but rather does what a regular Thrash band does, with much more rigor and sharpness. Yes, I said it, it’s just your regular Technical Thrash, but done with more precision and intent. The songs are easy on the ears as the bands make you constantly headbang or air guitar, thanks to the guitar work, but I must mention that the mild screaming of Turtle and the constant drum beats by Jpunkz Hardbocker complete the music as they both seem to play more of a supporting role and actually works just fine for the band as a whole.

Without beating around the bush, I just want to say that it’s a good In-Your-Face relentless Thrash without much of Punk influence being shown, taking the band’s inspirational sounds from yesteryear bands like KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, EXODUS etc. and giving it their own touch, and more importantly being able to bring out a full length even after all the constant lineup changes is really commendable. Releasing this April 30th, don’t miss this gem if you’re a Thrasher.

4 Star Rating

1. Atomic Destruction
2. Attack of the Virus
3. Comatose
4. DxDxD
5. Merciless Squad
6. Phantom City
7. Unnatural Disorder
8. War Machine
Ripper – Bass
Jpunkz Hardbocker – Drums
Pedraca – Guitars
Gibson – Guitars
Turtle - Vocals
Record Label: Helldprod


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