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Atrorum - Structurae Award winner

by Craig Rider at 08 February 2016, 11:36 PM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this German quintet known as ATRORUM.

Black Metal with a positive vibe I say?! Well this is the vibe I got when I began “Menschsein”. umbrA on vocals and keyboards makes for a nice change in musical instrument form for a member; usually, it's the obvious. UmbrA has perfect and extreme Black Metal vocals done perfectly for this form of Metal. While VatroS on guitars, bass and vocals as well performs in on some “clean” German singing (now and then, from what I understand) and a multitude variation of such.

Electronical elements are atmospherically found here as well. The good thing is; IT SOUNDS GOOD. This is a crazy mix of instrumental value that; if you love all kinds of music, will find yourselves indulged in on some unique and original experiences to date. “Große weiße Welt” showcases this opinion of mine very well. I find myself digging this crazy, musical adventure already.

Despite my lack of understanding the language sung; which ultimately doesn't matter, see RAMMSTEIN, “structurae” is turning out to be an original, and possibly most unique Metal album I have listened to in the past year. “Große weiße Welt” is a 14 minute long experience with many musical differences, synthetically atmospheric - electronically as well this is a track worth noting, easily. This is a very long album that already has true Black Metal musicianship and integrity, while also mixing up some awesome instrumental integrations. The keyboards, synthetics and electronic inspirations hold up very well.

Evidently shown in “Amapolas”, already, this band show that they want to include the might of Black Metal, but mix it up in a longevity variation of talented musicianship. “Ψαλμός”, (what the sodding buggery does this say?!) keeps up this guitar sound that I wouldn't normally hear in Black Metal, honestly, but gives me a groovy headbang of a jam. This is a track that has some gothic intrusion. Well-written, Black Metal experiences have been made here. I'm seriously impressed so far. Headbanging riffs and musically, just original craftsmanship of music that any music fan would be a fool to pass this up.

Camoflauge” has some English! And “Verfugung” share similar versatility that just has me awe-inspired at this unique album. Certainly, this is some of the best songwriting I have discovered as I write this at the beginning of 2016. There's some Folk built in around this portion of the album, ending it with “Équipartition”; a 12 minute epic, showcasing in on some Doom-esquire motives, while keeping everything I've mentioned and more, ending the album in true Black Metal fashion.

I'm intrigued and inspired by the variation this band has formed up. I had one hell of a blast jamming this. The most important thing to note was how they play Black Metal while mixing it up a bit with whatever they can to create; instrumentally, something unheard of, and evidently - I have not heard of such a performance such as this before. I will be keeping an eye out for you, ATROTUM. You have earned yourselves a new fan.

4 Star Rating

1. Menschsein
2. Große weiße Welt
3. Amapolas
4. Ψαλμός
5. Camouflage
6. Verfugung
7. Équipartition
8. Regnum Caelorum
UmbrA – Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
VatroS – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Programming
Record Label: Apathia Records


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