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Atrox Trauma - On The Line Of Nothing And Something Award winner

Atrox Trauma
On The Line Of Nothing And Something
by Craig Rider at 19 April 2022, 2:20 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ATROX TRAUMA; signed via WormHoleDeath Records, hailing from Hungarian grounds - performing Thrash Metal, on their debut full-length Studio Album entitled: “On The Line Of Nothing And Something” (released 28/01/2022). Since formation in 2008 until 2014; reforming in 2019, the quartet in question have only 2 Demos entitled: “Fojtogat” (released in 2011) & “Immobile” (released in 2012) - amongst this here full-length debut Studio Album entitled: “On The Line Of Nothing And Something” in their discography so far. 12 tracks ranging at around 42:18; ATROX TRAUMA arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments.

Opening up with this spacious ritual of eerily hypnotizing blasphemy; the titular track begins intruding with this marching drum bash, until “You Are Servant” revels with rampantly rompy rifts of reverberating trembles & rumbling shreds from consisting guitar/vocalist Imre Torok. Unleashing a blistering barrage frenzy of which fires amongst all cylinders while trailblazing revs rip with wildly rushing technicality, this progressively thunderous soar stampedes with punchy hooks and frolicking intensity. His cords surge with rawly rough pipes that yell with throaty raspiness, grunty gutturals and grumbling but cavernous gnarliness. “Parasite Elite” bludgeons eardrums with stampeding malice, steamrolling with full force impact, impulsing with monstrously meaty pandemonium & ruthless havoc in dense artillery - bulldozing speakers with primitive perseverance amongst a dexterously dynamic virtuosity which showcases rapidly swift nimbleness on top of some organically piledriving substance to boot.

Twinning guitar grips from whirlwinding ripper Andras Székely also belts a clobbering foundation in flamboyantly fierce firepower expertise, distilling an all guns blazing contortion in which scours with sonically seamless snares & rollicking velocity. “I Don’t Understand” monolithically swerves with strident thuds, sturdy rhythm & rugged roughness until this pristine shine of solo patterns heightens increasingly with high-octane fever. Frolicking and galloping with relentless speed, concretely gritty distortion amplifies into a boisterously bouncy grind as lacerating tears slay with killer quakes of rough melody that rivets with salubriously volatile mayhem & complexly creative craftsmanship ability. Attributing with razor-sharp savagery; “The World Doesn’t Exist” rambunctiously throttles Gergely Gyori’s mettle as he batters his set with steely precision and hammering distinction, smacking the cymbals into oblivion - while distinguished immensity revels with vibrantly potent onslaughts that will make one want to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

This Is The Truth” unearths unraveling thumpiness that stomps with radically wicked yet flexibly fundamental firepower expertise from audible bass flickering from Gyula David Tabori; quintessentially bombarding bodies into a berserking volley of salvo tremolo stability that synergies with towering rhythm, crescendo bruising bombast and barbaric mobility - this addictive catchiness belts a frantically demolishing boundary in a borderline foundation of volatile veracity & viciously vehement versatility that utilizes with profusely robust haste excitingly well. “Vanity” tramples souls with piercing viscerality, the tone of the production is crystal clear and everything can be heard along with the prodigiously spectral waves of sulfurous songwriting musicianship that’s so prestigiously mighty. “Get Out Of Publicity” experiments a hybrid meltdown that breaks down with remedious patterns of sinister yet consistent flow, while “The One Who’s Got Sense” grooves thrillingly with jumpy grips and tight weightiness that smothers you with incredibly heavy hardiness tenfold… providing rigorous vigor that just rollicks with extreme intensity fluidly well.

Until It Connects” ramifies with more uniquely rebellious malevolence; meticulously portraying an intriguing strife on mandatory uproar that outbursts with methodical tactics, amongst an ass kicking momentum of solidly slabby madness. While the penultimate but diabolical crazy insanity called “Upgrade” acts as an deranged maniac who’s hellbent for better oppression with totalitarian noise terror & speedy hostility, before closing the record with the epic but hauntingly daunting and ceremonious “Moon, Dawn”; I am compelled to say that ATROX TRAUMA completely delivered a healthy dose of some masterful thrash work that marvelled my soul with rampaging rage, invigoration and amongst a grandiose grandeur of enjoyably entertaining listening time.

Bottom line; “On The Line Of Nothing And Something” is a thrash masterclass of professional while zealous yet subtly pulsating with state of the art inventivity that rewards you with this slice of metal that most surely deserves discovering, a striking pursuit that’s replayable massively while revolving spins make this one worthy of experiencing, do check it out - I will keep an eye out next time! Roll on.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. On The Line Of Nothing And Something
2. You Are Servant
3. Parasite Elite
4. I Don't Understand
5. The World Doesn't Exist
6. This Is The Truth
7. Vanity
8. Get Out Of Publicity
9. The One Who's Got Sense
10. Until It Connects
11. Upgrade
12. Moon, Dawn
Imre Torok – Vocals, Guitar
Andras Székely – Guitar
Gyula David Tabori – Bass
Gergely Gyori – Drums
Record Label: Worm Hole Death Records


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