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Attacker - Giants Of Canaan

Giants Of Canaan
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 February 2013, 12:18 PM

It them long enough, for me it seemed like another type of break, just like the one after 1989, but as it would seem, the steel fist of the ATTACKER will never rest, and there will be endless pounding for us all. The American ATTACKER have always been one of those bands that showed me the true essence of American Metal music. While disregarding, almost completely, from nowadays trends and twists, these guys have been consistent with their style and display even more than their old US Metal guard peers like METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, CAGE, MALICE, SLEEPY HOLLOW, early HELSTAR and SEVEN WITCHES. Actually it kind of surprised me since the US scene, even the old school reincarnation, became something different than what it was in the 80s, you might check out HOLY GRAIL as the best possible reference though WHITE WIZZARD, over time, did show quite an appreciation for the old NWOBHM movement. However, I knew that ATTACKER's new emergence would not inflict damage upon their newly released album, "Giants Of Canaan", through their new album Metal On Metal Records. Frankly, a few years ago, I was rather startled to hear that Bob Mitchell, probably ATTACKER's greatest lead vocalist, left the band, probably to focus more on his old shebang SLEEPY HOLLOW. Nonetheless, it was great to know that the crew recruited the great maniacal shouter Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas (OVERLORDE, ex-SEVEN WITCHES) as the latest addition to the vocal front.

Observing closely knee deep within "Giants Of Canaan", the first thing that came out creeping right before me was the band's sound. Although seeming a bit produced, it was hard to shake that old amazing feeling of the debut self-titled release of METAL CHURCH and old HELSTAR released embracing a crispy production that might be thin, as most sound affiliations of the 80s and not to be contrasted with today's pompous productions, but with a type of magic that is so blissful yet also evil and bloody under the white hood. The second thing that have always been a point of attraction when it comes to ATTACKER is their way to mixture Epic tales and legends, once mostly influenced by J.R. Tolkien, along with bone crushing Heavy Metal, once was more known in the golden years as US Power Metal. It seemed that the main emphasis that embraced the band’s material has been the melodic implementations. I really enjoy a good solid heaviness, ranging between Heavy, old Power and slices of Thrash, but deprived of those tasty melodies, sweet harmonies and kick ass soloing cracking up the midnight air with an IRON MAIDENish fashion, it would have never been that attractive and high rated. Furthermore, Leather Lungs’ vocals also took me back to cherished memories of the late David Wayne (METAL CHURCH) and Carl Albert (VICIOUS RUMORS), but also a few hints of among the living Ripper Owens, James Rivera and even a touch of Michael Kiske, smothered with a malevolent, fiendish kind of layer spewed right from the down below corridors of the 80s, right in your expecting face filled with fear.

"Giants Of Canaan" created more than just inspiring moments of classic Metal, it inhibited a sort of class that sadly plenty of modern oriented Metal bands, which some have been trying to relive the past and failed miserably, lost while trying to come out with something decent. I won’t necessarily call this album a theatrical showcase as it was rather punchy for, but it felt somewhere near. I was emblazoned by “Sands of Time” providing a short overview of the history of Heavy Metal and how it came to power. Some things should be preserved and protected. I liked the riffing, great chorus, tons of power and quite a performance on the lead work. “Steel Vengeance” and "Giants Of Canaan", displayed as a semi Thrash smacker, followed by a cool steam of melodies and quite a vocal showcase. “The Glen of the Ghost” is an absolute epic, such an IRON MAIDENish nature of the later stages of the band’s career, an astounding feature to end this album. I could even listen to a slight Dickinson fragments on Leather Lung’s vocals. I can go on and on but I will live something for you boys and girls. In a nutshell, a great release of true 80s Metal made in the USA, shame there aren’t too much of the kind nowadays, creative melodies, fine vocal line, cool arrangements of both straightforward and epic features, a must for every home.

4 Star Rating

1. As They Descend
2. Giants of Canaan
3. Trapped in Black
4. The Hammer
5. Washed in Blood
6. Sands of Time
7. Curse the Light
8. Black Winds Calling
9. Steel Vengeance
10. Born into Battle
11. The Glen of the Ghost
Bobby Lucas - Vocals
Mike Benetatos - Guitar
Pat Marinelli - Guitar
Jon Hanemann - Bass
Mike Sabatini - Drums
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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