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Attacker - Sins Of The World

Sins Of The World
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 March 2017, 10:04 PM

Whether discussing Metal albums in written or verbal form, I have this weakness when it concerns old school, especially when the topic is American Metal. Celebrating what is left of the old wave of band coming from the US in the 80s, and later bands that were highly infected by that wave, is always a treat. Of course that there have been down low examples, as nothing is pitch perfect, yet, I am always delighted that some acts can never seem to disappoint me, at least not all the time.  Out of the wide selection of strong 80’s US Metal bands, ATTACKER comes as a part of the first line. I had the distinct privilege of reviewing their previous “Giants of Canaan”, and here we are, almost four years after, and “Sins Of The World”, deployed once again via Metal On Metal Records, almost broke my door.

I have to hand it for ATTACKER, like others that have been sticking to their guns, they don’t seem to care what is going on around them. Still going strong with anthems of pure steel, IRON MAIDEN vs JUDAS PRIEST driven killing machine that slams with heaviness and melody at will. Within “Sins Of The World”, the band shows similar songwriting skills as other profound acts in their vicinity such as METAL CHURCH / HELSTAR / VICIOUS RUMORS / CAGE, without bragging with too much technical abilities, the tight show of force is evident. Once again I was emblazoned by the vocal ability of Mr. Bobby Lucas, aka Leather Lungs. This guy really turned things around for the band since his recruitment back in 2012. Still flamboyant with his steely vocals, he is one of the main reasons why this release turned out to be great as the previous.

In general, the majority of songs is a hellish strike force. ATTACKER proved that they take no prisoners, always on the attack with sharp edges. The catchy sixpounder “Archangel” and the epic closing chapter “Where the Serpent Lies”, amazingly being in the zone after the intro of “By the Will of Crom”. The former, at least from my end, is easily memorable, and not in the marketable sort of way. Heavy Metal to the bone like the others, yet with a grand chorus that would take you further high up the Metal chain. The latter demonstrates once more the band’s established ability at writing epos tunes that are no less than magnificent, not too long with a straightforward manner.

“Sins Of The World”, as you have probably understood, simply continues the same effort as the previous album. ATTACKER remained adamant to their form and kept the good work. I trust that one day, hopefully, the golden album will be at hand.

4 Star Rating

1. A Time Before the Darkness
2. Sins of Man
3. Carcosa
4. Garuda
5. We Rise
6. World Destroyer
7. Choice of Weapon
8. Archangel
9. By the Will of Crom
10. Where the Serpent Lies
Bobby Lucas - Vocals
Mike Benetatos - Guitar
Jon Hasselbrink - Guitar
Mike Sabatini - Drums
Brian Smith - Bass
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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