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Attic Theory - The Sign Of An Active Mind Award winner

Attic Theory
The Sign Of An Active Mind
by Jordan Rogers at 30 December 2020, 8:47 PM

ATTIC THEORY hits things off hard with their debut album “The Sign Of An Active Mind”. Having won ‘Best New Band’ at Planet Rock Radio’s ‘The Rocks 2020’ awards, ATTIC THEORY surely knows how to give their fans just what they want. This group was formed out of the ashes of three other rock groups, and their sound has a uniqueness that shows this well. The grungy sounds and rock melodies you will hear on this album are quite intriguing. This band certainly held up to the award they received, in my eyes, and they will definitely be getting added to my mix of everyday music!

To start off, we have “Marionette”, which is a great indication of things to come from this album. Starting off quiet, it quickly changes with a softened vocal followed by an array of instruments coming in with heavy rock and grungy undertones. Not only is there a heavy feel behind the vocals, but the fast paced and heavy sounds coming in behind it only aid in conveying what is meant behind this song. It’s a cry to find a way to quit being controlled like a puppet on a string. “Cold Hard Reality” follows this song just how it should, with power and urgency shown in the heavy and appealing tone to get the message across to the listeners!

In the next song, things slow down, well, at least a little bit. “Your Light” starts off feeling very melodic and peaceful, as if all your worries are going to get up and wander away. The song lulls you in with a soft voice, peaceful melodies, and a very calming feeling. There are periods that will surely remind you that you are listening to a hard rock album, but overall, this song will have you wallow in your feelings in the best of ways. The album showcases that ATTIC THEORY is a band with a wide variety of sounds that they are able to pull off quite successfully. They are clearly very versatile and a band that I am looking forward to hearing more from in the future.

“Saints Amongst Us” closes this album with just as much power as it began with. There are heavy rock sounds, powerful guitar riffs, pounding drums, and a story behind the lyrics that you must hear for yourself. This song has quite an emotional undertone. You can tell that the band has put a lot into its making, just as you can tell throughout the rest of this album.

ATTIC THEORY is a band that you should keep on your “I need to listen to that” list. Their debut album is an album of raw emotion and pure power. There is love, not only the music, but for the message behind it that can be felt when listening to this collection of music. So, if you are looking for a band to cause some inspiration in your life, you need look no further, because you may have just found that band.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Marionette
2. Cold Hard Reality
3. Your Light
4. Doesn’t Matter
5. My Own Design
6. Saints Amongst Us
Matt Lawler - Guitar
Tim Cunningham - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Lewis Wright - Vocals
Matt Simon - Drums
Kenneth McArthur - Bass
Peter Donnelly - Guitar
Record Label: Thunder Gun Records


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