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Attick Demons - Let's Raise Hell

Attick Demons
Let's Raise Hell
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 30 October 2016, 10:28 AM

This is a band with such passion for the old ways in Metal, and they try to emulate the past. But they do the things with a difference, that one that turns things interesting: the presence of a musical identity, of a soul. That’s the case of the sextet ATTICK DEMONS, from Portugal. They are pretty good, as “Let’s Raise Hell” is here to proof. But they can do better. In a few words: the band focuses its energy to create a traditional Heavy Metal with tons of energy and catchy melodies, and they got it. But the way they are playing is very good, sounds without that moldy sensation that many bands love to have. But if wasn’t for their personality, you could confuse their music with an IRON MAIDEN clone with some influences from German Metal school. They are dangerously near to that, but as they are talented, we can hear that they can do way better than that.

The sound production is really very good, creating something clear and heavy, robust and extremely far away from those raw productions that only clones would like. It’s full of energy, and with the right amount of musical weight. ATTICK DEMONS shows  very good work on the album, as we can hear on “The Circle of Light” (with its fine guitars and vocals parts, filled with a balanced amount of weight and melody), the excellent work from bass and drums on “Glory to Gawain” (where they really show good rhythmic changes and great melodic parts from guitars), the good and powerful “Dark Angel” (the begins with oriental guitar parts, than a song with slow tempos start, showing weight and very good female vocals parts), the heavy slow tempos of “Let’s Raise Hell” (where some influences of ACCEPT mix with their natural IRON MAIDEN ones, with some parts being singed in Portuguese), the very good guitar solos on “Ghost”. All these songs are proof that this sextet has great potential, but they need to leave the shadow of their influences. Sorry to be so frank with you, the world doesn’t need another IRON MAIDEN. Best luck next time.

Originality: 4
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Circle of Light
2. Adamastor
3. Glory to Gawain
4. Dark Angel
5. The Endless Game
6. Let’s Raise Hell
7. Ghost
8. Nightmares
9. Ritual
Artur Almeida – Vocals
Luis Figueira – Guitars
Nuno Martins – Guitars
Hugo Monteiro – Guitars
João Clemente – Bass
Ricardo Allonzo – Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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