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Attick Demons – Atlantis

Attick Demons
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 20 November 2011, 4:59 PM

I'm sorry to say this but there is no other way to describe this band but as a replica of  IRON MAIDEN. It is merely heard in their music following the style of Bruce Dickinson’s singing. While it was hard for me to ignore the similarity between their singer to Dickinson, it seems like they wrapped him for a moment from IRON MAIDEN without them noticing his absence. However, it is true that ATTICK DEMONS bring the 80s influences into our modern day lives in a perfect way.

It was really hard to break away for a moment from the Dickinson vocals when I listened to this album, even though the music combined also Power Metal. What was definite was the sense of speed and melody that only the 80s era of Metal could muster. Although I liked what went on here, especially the great guitars melodies and singing, it is something that we all heard before therefore there is nothing to renew here.

I definitely can appreciate the musicians’ skills here; The songs are driving and breathing Heavy Metal in their lungs and will rock you right from the first moment. Take the song "Listen To The Fool" for instance, it will drive you crazy through all the guitar solos but soon after it ends I took it that it is not Dickinson on vocals.  "Back In Time" has a little bit of JUDAS PRIEST, I liked when suddenly the song took a little twist in the end with the little break that gave it more interest. Basically the songs relay on the old school formula of MANOWAR and IRON MAIDEN that can be heard perfectly also on the song "Atlantis".

The songs fitted nicely to the right style while played by the book of Heavy Metal. Too bad that I heard all those things before and there was nothing that sent me off crazy especially when I had a feeling that it is a perfect print of IRON MAIDEN. I say that ATTICK DEMONS can run with something of their own. 

3 Star Rating

1.Back in Time
3.City of golden Gates
4.The flame of eternal knowledge
5.Riding the Storm
7.Meeting the Queen
8.In Memoriam
9.Listen to the Fool
Artur Almeida-Vocals
Goncalo Pais- Drums
Joao Clemente- Bass
Luis Figueira- Guitars
Hugo Monteiro- Guitars
Nuno Martins- Guitars
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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