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Attick Demons - Atlantis (10th Anniversary Edition)

Attick Demons
Atlantis (10th Anniversary Edition)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 September 2021, 3:33 PM

To endure suffering the pains and the lack of recognition from the public is really a trial that only those who love the music they play can resist. And to think about a band that had to fight year after year waiting for a chance for releasing an album make anyone think that they’re not musicians, but heroes. And ATTICK DEMONS, from Portugal, can be seen like heroes, for they had to struggle for 15 years before releasing their first album, “Atlantis”, back in 2011. And it’s a very good idea of Rock of Angels Records to make this 10th anniversary version of the album.

On those days, the band as a sextet (and only Artur Almeida, Nuno Martins and Joăo Clemente are still on the team today), and their music can be said as a perfect blend between traditional Heavy Metal of NWOBHM (especially IRON MAIDEN) with elements from German Power Metal. Maybe this poor description can lead the readers to false ideas, because the band’s music is full of life, energy and has a vigorous and heavy approach on their music, and it bleeds of pure energy. Fine arrangements, very good melodies and hooks, they were pretty good on those days.

The album was recorded and mixed by Antonio Triste and Paulo Basilio in TDA Studios, with Andy LaRoque doing the mastering at Sonic Train Studios, Sweden. The sonority that is presented on “Atlantis” is really very good, clean and defined, but with a clear aggressive touch that improves the weight. Yes, it’s truly very good, and some guests made things even more interesting: Paul Di’Anno on the vocals on “Atlantis”, and Ross “The Boss” playing the solos on the same song. There are others, but their names can be seen on the booklet.

As a first album, the band shows points that could be better worked in the future, but they were in a very good level back then. And as witness of these worlds, “Back in Time” (a strong and well-worked song in a German Heavy/Power Metal way, with very good guitars arrangements and a solid work on bass guitar and drums), the NWOBHM essence of “Atlantis” (the aggressive tunes of Paul contrasts finely with Artur’s ones, and very good solos can be heard), the melodic hooks shown on “The Flame of Eternal Knowledge” (the vocals are perfect on high and low tunes), the heavy and bitter approach used on “Riding the Storm” and “Sacrifice”, and the melodic and tasteful touch of NWOBHM mixed with German Metal influences presented on “In Memoriam” and on “Listen to the Fool” will serve. These are presented on the vinyl version of the album (yes, it’ll be released on this format).

As bonus for the digital version on Bandcamp, acoustic and excellent versions for “City of Golden Gates”, “The Flame of Eternal Knowledge”, “Meeting the Queen”, “Moonlight Walks”, and “Riding the Storm”, all of them being excellent and show the natural heavy trend of the band’s musical work.

ATTICK DEMONS deserves such homage, because the songs presented on “Atlantis” can’t be eroded by time. And let’s hope ten more years are coming to them!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Back in Time
2. Atlantis
3. City of the Golden Gates
4. The Flame of Eternal Knowledge
5. Riding the Storm
6. Sacrifice
7. Meeting the Queen
8. In Memoriam
9. Listen to the Fool
10. City of Golden Gates (Acoustic Version)
11. The Flame of Eternal Knowledge (Acoustic Version)
12. Meeting the Queen (Acoustic Version)
13. Moonlight Walks (Acoustic Version)
14. Riding the Storm (Acoustic Version)
Artur Almeida - Vocals
Hugo Monteiro - Guitars
Luís Figueira - Guitars
Nuno Martins - Guitars
Joăo Clemente - Bass
Gonçalo Pais - Drums
Record Label: ROAR! Rock of Angels Records


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