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Attila - Villain Award winner

by Crisstopher Robyn at 05 March 2019, 1:41 PM

The Metalcore outfit, ATTILA, are at it again. February 22, 2019 saw the release of the band’s 8th full length album. I have never been a huge fan of the band, but songs like “Moshpit,” “Proving Grounds,” and a few others from past albums have always stuck out to me. The band have always given the “I Don’t Give a Fuck” attitude a hard kick in the ass and they always seem to give fans the fans what they want by playing the music the band wants. Once I watched the video for “Bad Habits,” I knew this was an album that I had to listen to, without it just being another album with a couple of songs. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but ATTILA’s videos for “Villain” and “Toxic” had me curious to say the least.

Perdition” begins like most Metalcore or Deathcore power bands. The short intro is heavy in power chords and tribalistic drums. Other than Fronz’s gutturals, only two lines “Standing lonely at the top, I watch you drop” invade the powerful beginning before he goes full demon.  As the clock ticks into “Villain,” the machine gun drums keep cadence with the Fronz’s chants. The guitars harmonize well with the call to “Kill them all, Kill them all”, and the breakdown is just as brutal as a DEVILDRIVER pit. I am simply blown away before hearing “Everyone put your hands up.” “Blackout” seems to scream party anthem. The hip hop vibe still gives way to the band’s core. The song throws hints back to ATTILA of old, but still has this new flavor to it. I could hear this in a club somewhere for sure. As “New Addiction” begins, it is a blunt disregard to anyone’s feelings. They kick the party into gear with what they are all about. The song is filled with sexual innuendos and calls to any woman wishing to have a  good time. I can see this as a party anthem in a strip club nearby. Forget the sex, drugs and rock and roll, it’s only sex the Fronz seems to want with this song. “Still About It” continues the sexual escapade as he tells us his bedroom stories. The groove of the song still keeps the album flowing in one direction, which is always awesome. Sometimes bands can tend to get their storytelling misframed, but “Villain” is still holding true. “Toxic,” the second video released, begins with Brahaahaa, and now has become a challenge at #toxicchallenge on Instagram, pulls Fronz back into that pissed off state. The guy looks like a pissed off Dean Ambrose in the video as he screams “Fuck This!” , which could fit in with the WWE crowd right now. The title song could simply push his character to another level as an entrance theme. I could see Mr. Ambrose mouthing the words, “I am the Villain”, just to piss off the crowd.  Unlike any of the other songs, “Toxic”  comes out as being unique. It could be the guitars, the drums, or the vocals, but it could be all of it together.

It Is What It Is” has a slow grinding start, but once it hits, the Fronz seems to have a groovy control over the music. The warnings of “Do me dirty, Here’s a big Fuck You” push the song further over the edge, as “Bitch, Pack your shit!” gives me goosebumps. “Subhuman” gives off another aura as the song begins. This isn’t a normal ATTILA song. The clean vocals still hold Fronz, the rapper,  within. He stills rips on lines like “I’ve lost my fucking mind, If you ask I’m just fine.”  The chorus is layered with the Fronz’s vocal tones so well, they sound angelic. and remind me of Mark Hunter on “The Infection” album. No, this isn’t your average ATTILA song. I could hear this song on my local radio stations. “Manipulate” hides in between the previous and last song to the album. The track is your typical “Smack you upside the head” ATTILA. The steady beat throws more of a groove to the song. I can see this on my workout track to just keep my blood pumping. It’s all that Fronz anger being thrown out and just wanting a fight. Not that I would want to fight the Fronz, but my respect for him and his band have grown a lot with listening to this album, and “Manipulate” makes you want to thrash your arms and just hurt someone. The breakdown is just pure evil with calls of “But  then you pushed me to the edge, Now I have something to prove”,  “When I look into your eyes, I see a ghost of someone” that lead to “Please forget my fucking name, This will never be the same.”  and propel the song into the force of a tornado.

Now I end where it all began, “Bad Habits”.  The song ends an already bad ass album. Throughout the album, the Fronz has steadily found another side of his skills. His ability to sing in tune with the chords of the guitars and always keep the beat with the bass and drums flows extremely well through the entire album. His voice comes out like a siren luring you to rocks, but takes you underneath the sea to drown you with the lines “I feel like I’ve gone insane” over the backing vocals. His anger still comes out within the song, but it seems the song is just magical. It just adds a side that you would not normally see of the band. The harmonizing is immaculate, the breakdowns are brutal, and the whispers of “I am a Monster” could make this song a monster hit for the band.

This is ATTILA being the group they have always been.  I can see influences of old and new, but nothing can really compare to the band ATTILA is today. The guitar playing of Chris Linck and Kalan Blehm are blended so very well together, along with drummer Bryan McClure, and have truly made some musical magic together with this album. Throw in the Fronz’s vocals, the elements are just too hard to deny. They are still a party band, but they also have a serious side, which shows with the talents of the Fronz on the mic. Some bands seem to find that certain magic, like SLIPKNOT’s ‘99 self titled, NORMA JEAN’s "Meridional," or  any other album that may stick out to you. Where some bands tend to lose that magical moment, ATTILA seem to keep their magic growing and surprising all of their haters. With some great artists coming out with new music this year, it could be a tough fight for the Golden Gods Album of the Year, but I could really see “Villain” in that category. The music is truly great, and this is an album that I can listen to every fucking song. I hope to soon be listening to my limited gold edition vinyl, and I can promise, it will be listened to a helluva a lot. It isn’t everyday an album like this falls in front of you. This is one that can be listened to from start to finish without ever skipping a song. Take a listen and don’t miss the band on tour like I had to.

Songwriting: 10
Originality:   10
Memorability: 10
Production:   10

5 Star Rating

1. Perdition
2. Villain
3. Blackout
4. New Addiction
5. Still About It
6. Toxic
7. It Is What It Is
8. Sub-human
9. Manipulate
10 Bad Habits

Chris "Fronz" Fronzak – lead vocals (2005–present)
Chris Linck – guitars (2008–present)
Kalan Blehm – bass, backing vocals (2012–present)
Bryan McClure – drums (2017–present)

Record Label: Attila Music LLC


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