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Attomica - IV

by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 10 January 2013, 5:08 PM

When I agreed to review the new ATTOMICA, I honestly was not expecting too much. I was surprised what these boys from Brazil had to offer. I just figured that they were another average Thrash act, imitating countless others. However, after several rotations, I have become impressed with this, their fourth release. I have not heard any of their other material when they used only one “T” in the spelling of their name, but this album shows promise and offers a bit of variety.

Fans of newer Thrash acts like HAVOK, HATCHET, HEXEN, BONDED BY BLOOD will be impressed, but there is a nod to the old school as well. I also detect some of their native blood's influences. Besides SEPULTURA, early OVERDOSE, EXECUTER, or MX, “Chemical Assault” by VIOLATOR is one such album that comes to mind.

With the onslaught of perpetual warfare raging, the whiplash sting immediately leads to the carnage of “Blood Bath” which has that not stop relentless aggression similar to what both DEATH ANGEL and EXODUS now create. “Black Death” far from imitating the best DESTRUCTION song ever, does still have that BYWAR feel. “Yakuza” clearly has that moshin' ANTHRAX vibe, but I am also hearing MORTAL SIN, newer ONSLAUGHT, and even WASTED YOUTH.

“Night Killer” has some sagacious shredding and soloing similar to what BLACK MOOR or BLUDVERA did on their latest albums, while “Down The Drain” and “Wanted” have that heavy break and crunch riff commonly associated with VIO-LENCE, but given the modern edge, I suppose it is closer to MACHINE HEAD, whose last two albums were just amazing!

Then switching gears, slowing down, but never losing the groove, “Mysterious Lady” lusts with its tongue-in-cheek rockin' tone similar to the excellent new LOVE.MIGHT.KILL album “2 Big 2 Fail”. The final track is an instrumental which calls to mind the more epic pieces by METALLICA.

After playing this thermonuclear devastating attack, I feel as if my atomic heart is about to burst! So, if are looking for some killer Nuclear head crushing memories and a sonic blast from the past, then this is one is "IV" you!

3 Star Rating

1. Blood Bath
2. Black Death
3. Yakuza
4. Night Killer
5. Wanted
6. Down the Drain
7. Mysterious Lady
8. Hurt 'n' Scared
9. Amen” (Instrumental)
Alex Rangel – Vocals
Luiz Amadeus – Guitars
Joao Paulo Francis - Guitars
Andre Rod – Bass, Backing Vocals
Vittor Fryggy - Drums
Record Label: Oversonic Music


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