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Auberon - CrossWorld (CD)

by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 06 May 2001, 3:06 PM

We're in the middle of Year 2001. Arthur Clark's 'Space Odyssey - 2001' was one of the most prophetic books ever to be written. This book (and movie) had a hidden meaning, a scrambled subconscious message. It was a metaphoric, futuristic tale about what Magazine editors would be going through during the year 2001…(hahaha) Yes! We're having our small 'space odyssey' through the hundreds of albums released every month! One band will play this but the other one will just copy that and the other one will run out of ideas and…etc. 'What happened to the good, solid music we once used to have?' is a question many of you have asked. I guess the thing is that there are so many bands trying to play the same stuff and only a few manage to evolve into something new and different (except for the bands that have already established a name in music).

Auberon is yet another looney Death-Metal band and personally if Darkane weren't the first ones to express their 'Insanity', I'd mark Auberon as something new and unique. I kind of like that style though and no, the fact that they remind me of Darkane (who just released their album called 'Insanity') has nothing to do with resembling or anything. Besides, Darkane and Auberon must have been in the studios at the same time (almost).

Auberon's 'CrossWorld' isn't that Death all the way. They're weird, just weird and that's why I said they remind me of Darkane. Mysterious is a more accurate word I guess…

They've got fast tracks like 'I see' and 'Vanities Fall' which are quite explosive too and they've also got tracks which are calmer or should I say slower, with clean vocals and a female singer too (found in 'Gaia'). I wonder why the band doesn't include the bass player in the line-up, nor do they mention anything about the keys I noticed. What the heck…I guess it's not that important! They do have Special Guests though on vocals, in some songs. \[Pedro Arroja(3), Carla Mourao(2&8), Leen Van Damme(4), Tiago Loureiro(8) and Rex(12)]….(Van Damme and Rex? hehe).

Fredrik's vocals are quite much the 'pissed off' and 'raging' death kind of vocals. You know, not too deep and with a cutting edge in them. The guitars aren't superb but they serve their parts well and so do the drums.

I should also mention that the second track ('Vanities Fall') speeds off with an explosive Carmina Burana tempo (like in Iced Earth's 'Angels Holocaust' but faster!). I'll pick four songs from the whole album as highlights…'Vanities Fall', 'The Beast Within', 'Gaia' and 'Forbidden'.

If you like weird Death-Metal bands (like Darkane) then Auberon will surely please your ears.

3 Star Rating

The CrossWorld
Vanities Fall (Carmina Burana 2000)
The Beast Within
Ex Oblivion
I see
A Bleeding Work Of Art
Andreas - Guitar
Fredrik - Vocals
Morgan - Drums
Jonathan - Guitar
Record Label: Black Mark


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