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Audiovision - Focus

by Grigoris Chronis at 22 March 2010, 12:03 PM

AUDIVISION’ is not a name that can itself and only picture the style of music you’re going to hear, let aside the fact that it resembles to something like e.g. AUDIOSLAVE and this is some kind of bad news you’d like to avoid, haha! These Swedish melodic Metal masters, thankfully, not only walk on recognizable musical paths but – to my little surprise – offer an album that should not fade away that easily in an era choked on hundreds of releases every month.

Thought “Focus” was their first album nut it seems AUDIOVISION had been around for some years, with their “The Calling” debut CD released somewhere inn 2005. Furthermore, I was shocked to see what kind of lineup or participations this band (or should we say project?) had throughout this couple of releases. Now comprising members of well-known bands like NARNIA (like ‘em!), DIVINEFIRE (not bad at all), VENI DOMINE (thumbs up!) and SAVIOUR MACHINE (woah…had completely forgotten this respectful 90s outfit) plus you’d better look here to check out what kind of band members have performed with AUDIOVISION. Well, counting many bands’ names associated to the Swedish band the verdict is not that difficult, as regards some lyrics concepts and general vibe…

Christian Heavy/Power Metal with a strong STRYPER flavor but also roast European hardhittin’ Power/Neoclassical pieces you will certainly fall in love with if a die-hard fan of the genre; still, “Focus” is an album applicable to all melodic Metal fans’ taste since it is based on strong melodies with a crystal clear production that will keep you good company for nearly 50 minutes. The guitars work is quite impressive, with elements deriving from the classic and powerful European (Axel Rudi Pell, early EUROPE) or American Metal school (e.g. BARREN CROSS?), yet the total performance – including the harmony lines and vocal melodies – shall also bring quite a bit to mind the arena volumes of major American pomp Rock legends (e.g. STYX or BOSTON). Tie this with the RAINBOW/DIO or 70s SCORPIONS in the neoclassic field and here it is, a diverse album with enough moments to make you twist and turn while lunar moments (e.g. “Fruit Of Love”, “Focus”, “The Gate”) are perfect intermezzos to make the listener conceive the band’s motive for an album like this. Have not heard AUDIOVISION’s debut but I think it’ll be worth checking, too.

The vocals of Christian Liljegren are quite to-the-point in this CD; his voice is clear and flourishing and he can be gentle or furious whenever he wants (e.g. “The Way”). He fronts the album really well and – along with producer Erik Mårtensson (W.E.T., ECLIPSE) and mastering maker Micke Lind (DIO, CANDLEMASS, TALISMAN) – proves to reflect his key role throughout the whole album. “Focus” is melodic, it is definitely heavy, it is immaculate and (above all?) offers such a multi-layer good mood you’ll surely appreciate.

A nice album, a really pleasant CD. Highlights are: “Keep The Fire Burning”, “We Are Not Alone”, “We Will Go”.

3 Star Rating

  1. Invitation
  2. Keep The Fire Burning
  3. We Are Not Alone
  4. The Son Will Come
  5. You Are The reason
  6. Fruit Of Love
  7. We Will Go
  8. I Will Belong To You
  9. The Way (Originally By STRYPER)
  10. The Gate
  11. Focus
Christian Liljegren - Vocals
Simeon Liljegren - Bass, Vocals
Torbjörn Weinesjö - Guitars, Vocals
Thomas Weinesjö - Drums
Olov Andersson - Keyboards, Vocals
Record Label: Ulterium Records


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