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Audrey Horne - No Hey Banda (CD)

Audrey Horne
No Hey Banda
by Grigoris Chronis at 03 July 2005, 5:32 PM

Audrey Horne… Who's this? A solo artist? Some female fronted, Goth influenced act that will get on my nerves more than …? Let's not use any names here. It's a temptation and we'll overcome it. The usual, completely unknown band, capable of getting any possible review. I'll summarize later on. Let's dig a little bit into our scripts… Hmmm… I see… Aha… Gloup?!?!?… Rather interesting! Let's roll with the album. We'll do it backwards this time: first the review, then the band. It'll be fun, trust me!
No Hey Banda, first of all, features the song Confessions & Alcohol which made it in the Norwegian Top 20 chart, offering this Bergen sextet a first class chance for better promotion for their debut full length album. Through Tuba Records, No Hey Banda presents a band mixing elements of bands like Evanescence, H.I.M. or Faith No More (at times); all these under an updated Euro-Hard Rock production with plenty of guitar variety and a tendency to copy American rhythms every now and then (check the drum grooves).
Toschie's vocals can be judged as appropriate for this kind of style. In e.g. Evanescence he could fit in just fine as the male vocalist. In addition, simple atmospheric samples, spoken themes etc try to create a certain mood, I assume similar to the lyrical content (which - by the way - I am not aware of; promo card sleeve…). The final result is an album a little bit mediocre that can be easily reviewed as good or bad, due to its usual mode. All in all, if the aforementioned bands are your feel, you have nothing to lose with this release… Oops! I bet your (our) money isn't nothing, so I'll try again: If you can afford an experiment in this sub-genre then try it; you won't burn in hell anyway…
Here's the good part I mentioned earlier: Audrey Horne features members of Enslaved, Gorgoroth and Deride. Holy shit! Even if I didn't enjoy this album that much, I feel pleased when extreme musicians like (?) other forms of music, too (I'd love to see the opposite much more). Still, in this webzine, it's the music that counts, so…

2 Star Rating

Get A Rope
Confessions & Alcohol
Blackhearted Visions
The Sweet Taste Of Revenge
Toschie - Lead Vocals
Herbrand - Keyboards
Arve - Guitar
Thomas - Guitar
Tom - Bass
Kjetil - Drums
Record Label: Tuba Records


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