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August - August

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 December 2013, 2:41 PM

It takes time to be satisfied with one’s abilities, the capability to shock, cause shards of disbelief, to come up with something that will be the dawning of a new age, a newly found direction that will lead others to purified envy. The untamed American crew of AUGUST had the utmost desire to be hall of famers, to end up being unalike the common stuff that has been out back in their day. In their prime, AUGUST displayed a kind of Metal that appeared wicked, ridiculously insane but quite sophisticated in its arrangements. I found several indications of late 80’s and early 90’s of QUEENSRYCH but also the manic implications of the notorious KING DIAMOND, you might notice a kind of roguish combination. The band has never released an actual album, but only a short series of demos that never saw the light of day. Thanks to Arkeyn Steel Records, these demos were packed into a single album under the emblem of “August”.

This collection of songs reeks of dedication and eagerness that caught fire throughout the band’s journey, to achieve a sort of greatness that would crown them as kings in the Progressive Power Metal court of that early age. Other than their zealot vocalist, Anthony Michael Russo (Died later in a car accident), the entire lineup was musically educated, unknown if like the Berkley graduates of DREAM THEATER, but no matter if in a lower grade or not, this instrumental team established quite an impressive foundation of unevenness and obscurity. Occasionally their music would appear as melodic and quite reaching as sometimes the band seemed to let itself go into slicker and smoother moments of clarity like the Glamish “Wings Of An Angel” that is sublime or the not so innocent “Innocence” that assembles the band’s high aptitude assault. However, on the most part, it’s like looking at a two faced person, multiple personality freak of nature, as AUGUST carved oddity into their tunes, a type of peculiarity that isn’t easily accessible to every ear, it will take some time to adjust to their twisted logic for example the fiendish intimidating “40 Days And 40 Nights” or “The Search”. Russo, along his peers, conjured an intensive performance, making it for the songs to sound even more conclusive and deadly. For one thing, “August” amassed loads of talent, and it is possible that AUGUST would have refined their efforts and songwriting abilities given the chance.

Still far from being an ultimate classic, but given the opportunity and AUGUST will offer you their world of opportunities and could have been promises. This is an 80’s Metal band coming forth with a message of ingenuity that provoked Metal’s traditions. Check it out. 

3 Star Rating

1. Innocence
2. Help Me
3. The Blind
4. 40 Days And 40 Nights
5. Island Song
6. No Gold
7. The Search
8. Something True
9. Wings of an Angel
Thad Cranford – Bass
Andy Shea – Drums
Mike Moore – Guitars
Anthony Michael Russo (R.I.P.) – Vocals
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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