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August Burns Red - Found in Faraway Places

August Burns Red
Found in Faraway Places
by Te Hao Boon at 03 August 2015, 10:06 PM

To be honest I have not listened to a Metalcore album for a number of years now, so it was rather refreshing to receive this album to review. This is a very melodic and technically proficient band.

The album starts with lyrics pertaining to the destruction of the world so that it can start again on a clean slate. Really enjoy how the band compared that with the Bible’s story of Noah’s Ark. The band is often called a Christian band and this track has clear reference to the bible. However it is not a track that tells you to “obey God or you shall go to hell”, it was merely a parable on the end of the world with a biblical story.

Big props to the band for adding in the Surf Road element in “Identity”, I was really pleasantly surprised by that! It is a proof that Metalcore has places to go rather than the usual breakdowns and whatnot and it is really exciting to see where this genre can go if the musicians try to push boundaries.

However, I really didn’t like the weird strings interlude in “Separating the Seas”. It is not about me being a purist here, I have mentioned how much I enjoyed the Surf Road interlude on “Identity”, so it is pretty clear that I love it when bands push boundaries, but only when the formula turns out to be successful.

I know it has been an artistic choice by the band to not use clean singing in their songs but I think it would be nice to hear sensitive lyrics in a clear voice so that we do not have to Google for the lyrics to understand what was being said. An example of how that would benefit was when the band featured Jeremy Mckinnon from A DAY TO REMEMBER in “Ghosts”. It gave the track a different flavor.

On the topic of lyrics, “Broken Promises” have very mediocre and meandering lyrics. It is exactly what the title says; a person who breaks promises. However, the idea is stretched to the 6-minute mark. It is a pity really, as musically it was a really good track. It also has the grooviest guitar solo in the album that begins around the 4th minute.

I think this is a good record, but like most other Metalcore albums, you hear one, you have pretty much heard all of them. It is a good album to mosh to, but I wouldn’t dash to the record store just to get it.

3 Star Rating

1. The Wake
2. Martyr
3. Identity
4. Separating the Seas
5. Ghosts
6. Majoring in the Minors
7. Everlasting Ending
8. Broken Promises
9. Blackwood
10. Twenty-One Grams
11. Vanguard
John Benjamin "JB" Brubaker - Lead Guitar
Brent Rambler - Rhythm Guitar
Matt Greiner - Drums, Piano
William Jacob "Jake" Luhrs - Lead Vocals
Dustin Davidson - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Fearless Records


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