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Austin Deathtrip - How I Spanked Your Mother

Austin Deathtrip
How I Spanked Your Mother
by Jake "The Snake" Rogge at 19 May 2014, 10:34 PM

First things first, I like this album. When I heard their name AUSTIN DEATHTRIP, I began to conjure up ideas?  Was it going to be similar to STATIC X’s “Wisconsin Death Trip” (I’m from Wisconsin, USA) or maybe something related to Austin, Texas (I used to party there when I was in the Army)? Alas, it is not, however I enjoy the throwback to the Ramones i.e. last name.

On their first full length LP, “How I Spanked Your Mother”, AUSTIN DEATHTRIP combined some great elements as well as other bits of metal genres, such as classic (N.W.O.B.H.M.) and a bit of a black influence as well instead of just death and core, it makes the diversity more enjoyable.

The album, “How I Spanked Your Mother” starts off with an awesome instrumental “The Cleansing Waters of Acheron” and then more madness ensues with, “Austin Tribe”, I wanted to destroy stuff or lift weights or punch a baby? My favourite track on the album is “Specter In The Mirror”, I love the groove and the LAMB OF GOD feel to it. I also really dug “Six Levels of Below” reminded me of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on steroids and speed.

If you want a cd that is slammed full of cool tunes, as well as loud and abrasive? It’s not full of surprises; just pretty much balls out straight ahead death metal with nary a guitar solo. Go and pick up AUSTIN DEATHTRIP’S “How I Spanked Your Mother”

3 Star Rating

1. The Cleansing Waters of Acheron
2. Austin Tribe
3. Sheol
4. Specter In The Mirror
5. How I Spanked Your Mother
6. Shadow Archetype
7. Vermillion Downpour
8. Six Levels Below
9. Demon of Gadara
Buck Austin - Vocals
Jim Austin - Guitar
Chuck Austin - Drums
Fred Austin - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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