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Authors Of Fate - You Will One Day Be Thought Of For The Last Time Award winner

Authors Of Fate
You Will One Day Be Thought Of For The Last Time
by Jon-Paul McCarthy at 21 February 2022, 6:25 AM

My word, that is one proper tongue-twister of an EP title. The artwork initially evoked a nod to MOTORHEAD and WOLFBRIGADE. Thus, I initially expected some D-Beat or crust to come forth from my speakers. I was however pleasantly surprised. That is really not what AUTHORS OF FATE do! What this California-based quartet have delivered is a far heavier and technical work that leaves the listener in a bit of a trouble to draw potential influence from other bands. This is absolutely not a bad thing. While there is no reinvention of any wheels, the melding of styles from across the metal spectrum have been used to excellent effect. There are breakdowns aplenty, tastefully used guitar fills and a very competent rhythm section to back it up with!

First of all, the production is excellent and very much suited to the EP. I was left with a total inability to poke even the smallest hole. It sounded great on studio monitors, my car and my living room hifi. While I’m usually forgiving with production on independent releases, there really was no need to do so here. So, with that, let’s move swiftly along to the tracks on offer. “Tell Me Another” opens the EP with a rather furious crashing in and doesn’t lose pace. The breakdown bridge is well suited before the chorus allows Robert Brunelle to exercise his vocal technique. The vocal delivery is frantic and well suited. It’s a jaw dropping opener, instantly demanding attention and imposing their marque to the metal genre.

“Thorn In The Side” continues with the same voraciousness, building the instrumental elements to a climactic and powerful statement. The inclusion of the half time phrases really lets the track breathe, allowing the faster and melodic sections to pan out as intended. For me, “Triggerman” is the stand-out track. It’s a colossal attack, waving over the listener with a total fury with an expertly executed accompaniment. The chorus also lends itself to some candidates for crowd friendly participation with “I’ll be your triggerman!” I cannot imagine this track not going over well in a live environment. I can admit that I for one was moved!

“My Favourite Sin” is the penultimate and slightly more subdued track on the EP. The closest analogy I can make are the more subtle moments of PANTERA’s “Far Beyond Driven” before detonating into the EP’s title track. Yes, that big, long title that took me three attempts to say out loud. My own linguistic failings aside, the track is well delivered, blistering and wandering in its intensity. It’s a good all round sign off to the album and thankfully doesn’t tire the listener out in the way that such genre-melding can sometimes do.

Altogether, this is a great first release by AUTHORS OF FATE. Though I struggled to namedrop similar bands, it only exposes rather expert mixing of genres. If I were pushed to start pigeonholing, there’s a good helping of hardcore in there, certainly some techniques that wouldn’t be far removed from a good death metal album and the tiniest and most inoffensive dab of metalcore to seal the whole thing up. Again if I were pressed still to namedrop some bands, I would include WILL HAVEN, VISION OF DISORDER and CANDIRIA. But do not mistake AUTHORS OF FATE as mere clones. The true blending of styles is what makes AUTHORS OF FATE unique and this release a ferocious and worthy addition to the ear lugs of any metalhead!

I felt the EP started a lot more ferocious than what it signed off with, a gradual relaxing as time went on, but extremity and rage are not in short supply. Overall, this is a fantastic listen, well executed and most definitely puts the band right near the top of the list of ones to watch out for. I can absolutely say without a doubt that I would very interested to see a live set from these guys! The songs are compelling, the musicianship is well suited and it’s clear that they have what it takes to make a good and lasting impression.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Tell Me Another
2. Thorn In The Side
3. Triggerman
4. My Favorite Sins
5. You Will One Day Be Thought Of For The Last Time
Robert Brunelle - Vocals
Elan Mlagenovich - Rhythm and Bass Guitars
Francis Ausley - Lead Guitar
Bob Skau - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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