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Autopsy - Tourniquets, Hacksaw And Graves Award winner

Tourniquets, Hacksaw And Graves
by Paulomaniaco at 13 April 2014, 12:53 AM

AUTOPSY have done it again, a Death Metal band who have set themselves apart from all the other Death Metal counterparts with an unique sounding and style, going back to previous releases "Severed Survival", "Mental Funeral", "Acts Of Unspeakable", “Shitfun”, "Macabre Eternal", The Ritual Headless". AUTOPSY somehow have managed to keep every album interesting and always bringing the standards to a higher level, and with "Tourniquets, Hacksaw And Graves" they did just that, It is like they put all the old albums into a blender mixed them up and bingo. This is AUTOPSY at its best with songs like "Savagery" which kicks off the CD, with intense grinding riffs feeling like something crawling up into your ears and quick solos like fire burning onto your skin and the guttural vocals of Reifer burying you alive and setting the pace for the album.

AUTOPSY are the "Kings Of Flesh Ripped" and they proof that on this song, heaviness, changes of tempo, deep screams like a pig with a knife deep into its heart. Only a few can do what Reifert does, demonical vocals and at the same time kicking and pounding like a maniac. "After The Cutting" you can smell the rotting flesh in high tempo and furious speed and "All Shall Bleed" you are stabbed by slow sharp guitars and they are still "Forever Hungry" another punch in the face with the classic and sadistic vocals of Reifert and Cutler.

AUTOPSY are still making the most grotesque, dirty, heavy and bloodiest Death Metal to date. "Burial" says it all, It is like being in a macabre funeral when all demons are singing, chanting  and laughing upon your dead body, these guys have been around for long time and know exactly what they are doing and for last but not least the last song is entitled "Autopsy" and thus they insert the last nails on your coffin and now you may rot in peace. Another classic with all ingredients to make it a great song and to ensure that  AUTOPSY are here and they are  going stronger than ever , and they will  cut you into pieces, kneel before the gods of gore because I did it.

5 Star Rating

1. Savagery
2. King Of Flesh Ripped
3. Tourniquets, Hacksaw And Graves
4. The Howling Dead
5. After The Cutting
6. Forever Hungry
7. Teeth Of The Shadow Horde
8. All Shall Bleed
9. Deep Crimson Dreaming
10. Parasitic Eye
11. Burial
12. Autopsy
Chris Reifert - Vocals, Drums
Eric Cutler - Vocals, Guitars
Danny Corales - Guitars
Joe Allen - Bass
Record Label: Peaceville Records


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