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Autopsy - Horrific Obsession (7'') (CD)

Horrific Obsession (7'')
by Yiannis Doukas at 07 August 2009, 10:01 AM

Rot in hell. A year before the voice of the grave and decay known to this world as Chris Reifert, together with the demonic guitars of Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler, joined forces once again. The result is an abomination and a creation of two songs after almost 15 years and the horrific existence of AUTOPSY is here again to terrorize your souls.
Basically here we don't have any comeback or something relative. AUTOPSY remains in their tomb fed with rotten bodies and with ABSCESS being the kings in the upper world. These two songs besides their existence in the Horrific Obsession 7 will also appear as bonus in the re-release of Severe Survival, one fantastic release with a second CD full of demo, rehearsals, old live tracks and a booklet highly informative for the band since it includes a lot of photos and a very good interview. Talking about the album itself, well I feel that comments are not needed. Their first horror chapter with songs like Charred Remains, Disembowel, Gasping For Air and specially the Ridden With Disease that created this characteristic plague that AUTOPSY had. The B-side of this album was not that good as the A and surely Mental Funeral was more shocking but is without a doubt a classic for the Death Metal fields.
Now let's say something about the songs in this 7. Horrific Obsession is a GREAT composition very close to ABSCESS, talking about a guy who creates his own family by excavated bodies. I repeat, the song is fabulous. The other one, Feast Of The Graveworm is more outstretched but is also good and was written by Eric. Last, the vocals of this monster, Chris Reifert, are ultimate as always. One good chance to see what Death Metal is.
It's a common tactic that metalheads show more respect in one band after its death that when it is alive. This phenomenon can be seen in the lack of attention that ABSCESS have although some of their records are as good as AUTOPSY's back catalogue, not saying better (a fact that has been mentioned by Danny Coralles in an old interview). I enjoyed these two tracks a lot but I wait in full ecstasy for the forthcoming ABSCESS opus. There we will have the chance to speak more deeply about this groundbreaking band.

4 Star Rating

Horrific Obsession
Feast Of The Graveworm
Chris Reifert - Drums, Vocals
Eric Cutler - Guitars
Danny Coralles - Guitars
Record Label: Peaceville Records


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