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Autopsy - The Tomb Within Award winner

The Tomb Within
by Yiannis Doukas at 09 November 2010, 7:11 AM

AUTOPSY’s full return is definitely the highlight of this year concerning the Death Metal scene. And I’m saying ‘full return’ because you may remember the previous year’s 7” “Horrific Obsession” and the members’ statements that this was not a reformation. This of course brings sadness to us since ABSCESS’s dying is not something we like even if that means the return of the other beast. A reinforcing aura for the previous statement comes if you see the ABSCESS back catalogue or their last masterpiece “Dawn Of Inhumanity”.

Now, to the new EP: first of all the disc is simply amazing, the guys once again prove that they are the ultimate ones; end of story. Five songs are here and two of them, “The Tomb Within” together with “Mutant Village”, are written by Reifert. Both of them are ass raping and personally talking “Mutant Village” wins me with its atmosphere; it is so sick that it cannot be described. It brings also some doomy vibes from ABSCESS. But on the other hand the self titled track is also a pure deadly hymn. Cutler has written “My Corpse Shall Rise” and “Seven Skulls” and yes he also impresses us a lot. Maybe in the first tune the influences from SLAYER are a little bit over the top or hyperbolic but the terror lies here too and especially when Reifert sings “At your feet, uncovered is the box…” the whole result is more than groundbreaking. “Seven Skulls” is better and the way thay have tied this psychotic basic riff with the lyrics is so damned good that nightmares will hunt you forever. Last comes “Human Genocide”, a song that is co-written by both and offers such a ferocious headbanging moment that you will need ice for your neck. Simple and effective.

I have talked about Cutler and Reifert but I must also mention the thundering soloing of Coralles and the standard power from Joe’s bass. The recording has been made once again at Fantasy Studios with Adam Munoz’s help that provides this excellent sound. Matt Cavotta’s cover is great and together with the once again hand-written lyrics give to all Reifert and Co. maniacs what they want.

One of the best Death Metal bands, that play exactly as such and define this term, are here again. A band highly underestimated (same goes to ABSCESS that released the same or of better quality records). I hope some of you may find some new cemetery horrors here. The rating should be the perfect one but I will give something based upon their whole discography.

4 Star Rating

  1. The Tomb Within
  2. My Corpse Shall Rise
  3. Seven Skulls
  4. Human Genocide
  5. Mutant Village
Eric Cutler – Guitars
Danny Coralles – Guitars
Joe Trevisano – Bass
Chris Reifert – Vocals, Drums
Record Label: Peaceville Records


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