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Autumn’s Child – Angel’s Gate Award winner

Autumn’s Child
Angel’s Gate
by Leanne Evans at 23 February 2021, 11:29 PM

AUTUMN’S CHILD is a Swedish powerhouse of members of LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM, ECLIPSE, H.E.A.T and MOON SAFARI. The new album, “Angel’s Gate”, marks the band’s return after their brilliant self-titled previous release and they’ve penned their sound as “hard melodic rock with a Nordic touch”. AUTUMN’S CHILD has worked hard to define their craft even more, bringing homages throughout “Angel’s Gate” to some established names, such as WHITESNAKE, SUPERTRAMP, GARY MOORE, 10CC, MANFRED MANN and ELO. Undisputedly, though, AUTUMN’S CHILD brings its own uniqueness and authenticity to its sound and is markedly unlike anything in today’s music scene.

“Angel’s Gate” is opened with the melodious “Where Angels Cry”. Drifting in with its teasing soft keyboard intro, the track announces itself after 20 seconds and there’s an outpouring of riffs throughout coupled with Mikael’s powerfully honeyed vocals. The rhythm section is gorgeously harmonious with Pontus treating us to a couple of fabulous guitar solos with lilting licks within the record. “Where Angels Cry” is an exquisite opening piece that sets the tone nicely for the second track, “Aquarius Sky”, featuring an irresistible keyboard solo from Jona. With its punchy guitars, Robban’s dynamic driving drumming, combined with Johan’s chunky bass work and raspier vocals from Mikael, this track has an imposing badass demeanour, whilst still staying true to AOR and not overwhelming the listener.

Speaking of AOR, “Don’t Say It’s Love” is super catchy and foot-tapping head-bopping pleasure at its finest. It’s almost reminiscent of EUROPE with flashes of the latter part of their track “Open your Heart” but with faster tempo. “A Tear from The Sky” follows with a gracefully soothing and mellow tone where the keyboard work is really prominent, the guitar slides in subtly and Pontus packs a powerfully bewitching solo. A beauteous ballad that feels like a piece of heaven has been delicately poured into your spirit. Absolutely divine.

“Love is not an enemy” has a hybrid of WHITESNAKE “Still of the night” meets SCORPIONS “Rock you like a Hurricane” about it and displays the diversity of AUTUMN’s CHILD’s abilities. It’s energetic, animated and chock-full of grooves with an endearing feel of 80’s heavy rock. It’s riff-laden, simple and direct, but has a very catchy hook that suits Mikael’s gritty vocals on this track (be prepared to catch yourself singing the chorus A LOT, it’s really that infectious!)

The final track, “Your Words”, feels like a record straight from GARY MOORE’s catalogue. The moment the intro hits, you’re engulfed in its melancholy and the contemplative thematic of spoiled love streams through. Jona’s captivating keyboard work has you hooked and a couple of VERY sultry guitar solos with steamy slide-work mid-way through the track create a luscious quality. Mikael’s impassioned vocals emit a genuine pensive pain to the cadence of the sombre, yet tinkering, keyboard work, that really intertwines and adds to the profound nature of the song.

“Angel’s Gate” is a beautifully balanced combination of upbeat songs, crammed full of catchy hooks, and mellow musing ballads, all delivered with graceful intricacy. It’s a mellifluous masterpiece that doesn’t disappoint and showcases AUTUMN’S CHILD’s formidable talents. AUTUMN’S CHILD is literal manna from heaven and “Angel’s Gate” provides sustenance for the soul. If an album could be personified, “Angel’s Gate” would certainly be an illustrious angelic divinity, that wraps its wings around you like a comfort blanket and soothes your soul to the core. I can’t get enough of AUTUMN’S CHILD; they’re an aural embodiment of stirring purity.

Songwriting: 10
Muscianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Where Angels Cry
2. Aquarius Sky
3. Don’t Say It’s Love
4. A Tear From the Sky
5. Love Is Not An Enemy
6. Dream Of America
7. Straight Between The Eyes
8. Don’t Ever Leave Me
9. A Piece Of Work
10. Only Love Can Save The World
11. Your Words
Mikael Erlandsson - Vocals
Robban Bäck - Drums
Johan Strömberg - Bass
Jona Tee – Keyboard solo on 2 tracks
Mikael Erlandsson – Main Keyboards
Pontus Åkesson - Guitars
Claes Andreasson – Piano on “Don’t Ever Leave Me”
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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