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Autumnblaze - Every Sun Is Fragile

Every Sun Is Fragile
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 September 2013, 3:12 PM

Nothing is set in stone. Gazing at the sky, the sun is shining, burning in the summer time and slumbering in the winter, marks a factor that not many have thought or wondered about, that its life’s span isn’t without an end. Thus, comparing it to our everyday lives, routines can be changed, or to cease abruptly deprived of any signal, warning or prediction, unavoidable or not, it appears that no one can’t foresee what time has in store. It appears that the German AUTUMNBLAZE, out from the Saarland, probably never imagined that one day they would sound as their new album, “Every Sun IS Fragile”, via Pulverised Records, presents them. In the past they ceased and it didn’t take them very long to be there, in the invisible fields, once again roaming, and with a different routine. Slowly departing from extremity into the gloomy Elysium of the distressed, AUTUMNBLAZE remained bound to darkness, yet with a clearer staging of their musical sensitivity, coalescing Rock and Metal, like pervading KLIMT 1918, NOVEMBRE, A PERFECT CIRCLE, late era of SENTENCED, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE and THE OLD DEAD TREE among the solemn ones.

After being used to a significant extremer dosage of brutality out of the Pulverised Records label, AUTUMNBLAZE are clearly a picture of my personal disbelief and amazement. This German trio is constantly twisting a turning, grasping the melancholic blackness around them, swivel it and producing it as numinous, appealing, softy touching the heart, yet without ever forgetting its roots and origins. Implementing electric guitar riffery and a rhythm section that seemed modest, yet so powerful and penetrating, “Every Sun IS Fragile” was enhanced with softened melodic appetizers swinging with bitter Alternative and Gothic / Doom Metal erosion. The possessing baritone lamented vocals of Markus Baltes might have you recall the laxer haze of Carmelo Orlando of NOVEMBRE as well as the sharp edged mid high growling decorations. Within the hazes of the atmospherically itching coldness of “Every Sun Is Fragile” and “Cold Soul”, it was like strolling in the rain, so entrancing, strong emotions shred their cages and set off to an undying freedom. AUTUMNBLAZE knew exactly on which buttons to push, especially when it comes to your truly. Their precise arrangements and melodic and rhythmic dexterity pushed me to listen to them more. “Mein Engel, Der Aus Augen Fließt” (roughly translated from German to “My Angel, Flows From The Eyes”) felt like a silent requiem or might it be the other way around. Partially sung in German and English, it blew me away, swept me off my feet. This softened ambient Rock, without any shroud of evilness, displaying the grey as it finds its niche finding it’s between the lines of the song, marveled brilliance.

“Every Sun Is Fragile” is another lesson my constant musical journey through the midst of Metal and Rock. Between the heavier patterns and the petite moments of elasticity, there is an urge to swim the middle sea amid the known colossuses. AUTUMNBLAZE, with their foraging of deep emotional states, managed to boil my soul, and not with Rock N’ Roll, but with sensitive and atmospheric notion followed by clean, almost pure, Metallic entity purposed to keep itself in the shadows. Even without being that closer to perfect, I urge not to let this one slip your fingers, no matter the cost.      

4 Star Rating

1. Opening
2. New Ghosts In Town
3. Invisible Fields
4. Im Spiegel (In The Mirror)
5. Mein Engel, Der Aus Augen Fließt (My Angel, Flows From The Eyes)
6. Every Sun Is Fragile
7. Cold Soul
8. How I Learned to Burn My Teardrops
9. A Place for Paper Diamonds
10. Verglimmt (Smoulders)
Markus Baltes – Vocals / Guitars / Bass
Arisjel - Drums
Andreas Schuler - Guitars
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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