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Autumnia - ...and your Autumnia

...and your Autumnia
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 September 2020, 12:06 PM

AUTUMNIA formed in the Ukraine in 2003…a Melodic Doom/Death Metal act. Following eleven years of silence, they now return with their latest album titled “..and your Autumina,” which contains seven tracks. “Karma Negative” opens the album. It’s a brief, two-minute, mood-setting instrumental. Eerie lead guitar notes climb down the scale with a slow, lumbering pace. “A Moment of Delight” opens with a slow fade-in, and a light groove. The main riff hits, along with chanted clean vocals. The harsh vocals are deep and dark at first, then comes a little interlude around the half-way mark, of solemn clean guitars, thick bass notes, and light drumming. The harsh vocals return, then it waxes and wanes, with equal doses of whispers with guttural utterances.

“And Many Shining Days Ahead” opens slowly, with melancholy whispered vocals. This does not sound like “shining days,” but rather a month of grey skies and rain. Sorrow creeps in, and slowly envelopes you in its cold embrace. “In Loving Memory of Us” opens with charming piano notes and some background ambiance. The vocals are clean and somewhat pretty at first. But, it takes a darker turn, with whispers that sound nefarious, and eventually harsh. The tone in the guitar leads is solemn and lonely in nature. “Your Grievous Eden” opens with a dark, heavy riff, and guttural utterances. It’s a harrowing opening, leading to a slow moving track with doses of keyboards carrying the melody at times. It kicks up a notch, with attacking guitar and drums near the half-way mark. Then, it’s back to the slow grind

“To Eternal Bliss” is a faster moving song, with a heavy and aggressive guitar riff and harsh vocals. It settles into a groove of sorts, then picks back up with a chaos towards the ending. “O’Funeralia” closes the album. It has a slow build-up, followed by a Doomy feeling. The harsh vocals are gut-wrenching, and the dual lead guitar harmonies bring some despondent melody to the table. Strings around the half-way mark are something you might hear at a funeral. Clean vocals cry out…this is an affair of the heart for sure. It closes with some ominous notes.

Overall, though I was not familiar with the band prior to listening to this long-awaited album, it seems as though the band hasn’t lost touch with the genre. The varying vocal style made for an interesting listen, as did the balance they struck between feelings of hope and despair. The feelings were mostly of despair, but they managed to work in some melodies here and there, as well as some keys, strings, and other supporting instrumentation. The album was very true to the style, and this is just some solid Melodic Doom/Death Metal for sure.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Karma Negative
2. A Moment of Delight
3. And Many Shining Days Ahead
4. In Loving Memory of Us
5. Your Grievous Eden
6. To Eternal Bliss
7. O’Funeralia
Alexander Glavniy – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples
Vladislav Shahin – Vocals
Record Label: Archaic Sound Records


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