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Hunter Gatherer
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 21 July 2020, 5:30 AM

AVATAR are a band who hail from Göteborg, Sweden who formed in 2003. They have released 7 previous studio albums and are bringing us the new album “Hunter Gatherer” on August 7th 2020. The new album is jam packed with 10 new songs to rock out to. AVATAR have seen more than a few stages both in venues & at festivals such as Download in 2018 (where I saw them live for the first time.) They are a band who like to put on an entertaining stage show no matter where they play!

The 5 man carnival that is AVATAR, perhaps known best for their anthem song “Hail The Apocalypse” have put together the new album “Hunter Gatherer” and I have the pleasure of reviewing this album today. The new album opens with a song called “Silence In The Age Of Apes” which opens with some ace guitar riffs and rolling drum beats. When joined with the vocals of singer Johannes Eckerström, that all familiar growl & scream kicks in & you instantly recognise the song as being performed by AVATAR. It’s unmistakeable. New but recognisable.

Song number 3 on the new album is called “A Secret Door” and it’s a song that bites into the listener & takes a big chunk! This one lulls the listener into a false sense of security as it starts with some gentle whistles for a few seconds before those heavier chords are strummed in. When I listen to it, I actually thought it wasn’t the AVATAR vocals I was expecting, but it shows the more gentle singing & music the band are showing us here. Giving away different vocal points & octaves it’s one of my favourites from the new album.

Onto song number 5 from “Hunter Gatherer” which is titled “Scream Until You Wake.” This one drives in home opening with a hail of drum beats & sweet sounding riffs! The tempo is set as fast at the start & stays that way. Definitely another head banging tune by AVATAR. I have headbanged my way through 2 live AVATAR shows & am sitting here head banging as I type. It’s classic AVATAR in all their glory.

The next song I’d like to note is called “Justice” which is song number 7 on “Hunter Gatherer.” Heavy vocals, heavy strumming & heavy drum beats, you can picture the drumsticks being chipped away after a good banging. Again we have another song showing off the variety of vocal skills held by Johannes from deep heavy throat growls & screams to higher pitched singing & shows his talent as a singer. Various tones & octaves can be heard throughout this song. One not to be missed!

Skipping ahead to song number 10 we have closing the new album which is called “Wormhole.” It’s a great song to play the album out on & it’s one that instantly gets a grip of the listener & transports you to a stage full of pyrotechnics & marshal amps blasting so loud you can feel the floor vibrate through your body! That’s how it felt when I saw them from front row in Glasgow 2018 when I gave one of the band members a wristband & he was gracious enough to accept my gift which made the band even better in my eyes.

Overall the new album “Hunter Gatherer” has been written & performed really well & to the high standard that fans have come to expect from AVATAR over the years, so fans will not be disappointed when August 7th rolls around. If your already a fan of AVATAR then I highly recommend you pre order the new album now! If you don’t know the Swedish metalers, then your missing out on a great band, great studio albums, fantastic live performances & overall a great sound to strain your neck to from head banging to hard. Definitely one worth checking out!

Songwriting 10
Musicianship 10
Memorability 10
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. Silence In The Age Of Apes
2. Colossus
3. A Secret Door
4. God Of Sick Dreams
5. Scream Until You Wake
6. Child
7. Justice
8. Gun
9. When All But Force Has Failed
10. Wormhole
Johannes Eckerström - Vocals
John Alfredsson - Drums
Henrik Sandelin - Bass
The King - Guitars
Tim Öhrström – Guitars
Record Label: Another Century


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