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Avenger - The Slaughter Never Stops Award winner

The Slaughter Never Stops
by OverlyMetalJames at 31 December 2014, 10:06 PM

Greetings earthlings and headbangers from all over the planet I bring you another review of a masterpiece of brutality!! AVENGER is back with their third and first record in twenty plus years, and the metal giants clearly show no signs of slowing down as they are still in their absolute prime! Not many bands that have been around for this long has not got their prime anymore and very few are fortunate to still be in their prime. Some examples for you that are still at their earth-shattering best after all these years are METALLICA, DARK ANGEL, SEPULTURA, IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, ATOMKRAFT, VAN HALEN, JUDAS PRIEST, TESTAMENT; these bands still have it and not lost their touch and have a lot left in the tank. I mean look at the bands I have mentioned; some people love them, some people hate them with a violent passion. Look at Hulk Hogan, the dude is 61 and can still go into a venue and take any crowd, whether he is a good guy or bad guy it doesn’t matter, Hulk is called “The Immortal One” for a reason. And he can turn anyone into Hulkamaniacs instantly; why do you ask me why? Because he is Hulk Hogan and yes its that simplistic of an answer, and I use Hulk Hogan as an example to give you a better understanding that any veteran can still be in their prime because age is just a bloody number; so learn to love it!!

We start off this modern classic with a quientessential opening track ‘‘Mace Imperial’’ which is just an intro, but it sounds like your going into braveheart mode taking the flag into the battlefield. The thundering basslines of ‘‘Race Against Time’’ pound for pound, a windmill of hair going airbourne whilst doing air guitar in your local metal bar Liam and Sean and Gary deliver greatly whilst Swifty sings superbly over Ian’s bass lines.

Now, debateably my favourite megatune of metal karoke on this heavy metal classic, ‘‘Fate’’; when I saw AVENGER for the first time in Grand Central on 10/07/2014, this was the song that caught my attention of how tight AVENGER really are live. I mean the pub was full of people and you could not stand still as there was moshing and stage diving going on and hair flying everywhere, and for anyone who has ever been to Grand Central knows what a gig at Grand Central can be like when legends grace the stage. Need I say more? Go Swifty!!

All songs on this album are classics, but the best on the album which really has been ear-raping me alot, is by far, ‘‘Into The Nexus’’; Liam is one Kryptonian musician who deserves so much recognition; him and Sean have phenomenal chemistry and Gary chose very wisely when he reformed Avenger in 2005! Swifty is the ultimate powerhouse on this song, in particular, with that earth-shattering falsetto at the end screaming “INTO THE NEXUS WE FLYYYYYY!!!!!” Swifty my dear friend, you are still in your absolute best and AVENGER truly has come home to prove they are arguably the best in Heavy Metal and are here to stay and slay!

5 Star Rating

 1. Mace Imperial
 2. Race Against Time
 3. Fate
 4. Fields Of The Burnt
 5. Into The Nexus
 6. Decimated
 7. In Arcadia Go!
 8. Killers
 9. Flayer Psychosis
10. Shot To Hell
11. Midnight Mass Of Destruction
Ian ‘Swifty’ Davidson - Vocals
Liam Thompson - Guitars
Sean Jefferies - Guitars
Ian ‘The Fuzz’ Fulton - Bass, Backing Vocals
Gary Young - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Rocksector Records


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