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Aventyr - Driven

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 March 2013, 1:37 PM

Damn, I can just feel the crispiness, the crunchy cracking sound of the old days shredding my head without even a bit of mercy. That is the sound of the late 70s, sometimes inspiring, captivating and unforgettable. With all that treble and scraps of bass, a commemoration for the sturdiness of AC/DC, NAZARETH and KROKUS, speeding buckshot of MOTORHEAD, late 80s THE CULT, a smirk of the old heaviness of BLUE OYSTER CULT, attitude of GUNS N’ ROSES and the wild nature of the notorious leatherhead, BILLY IDOL. This is also exactly what the recognized Hard Rock Supergroup, AVENTYR wished to pass on through their debut album, “Driven”, released via Mighty Music. So why did I also acknowledged them as Supergroup? Well, not because of them being so famous, it is because that AVENTYR seems to be the fulfilling of an old affair waiting to explode by members out several extreme Metal bands such as TAAKE, FUNERAL others. Unfortunately, some of these esteemed members left the group to be replaced by others. Either way, I still believe that the new members made it happen for AVENTYR on attaining a certain status, with an amount of freshness, as a cool Rock N’ Roll group.

I have to regard the sound first, just felt like it since it is one of the album’s powerhouse attributes. The mixing and mastering functionalities of the production were made by the famous Beau Hill. That same crunchiness of the old guard was registered with a slick modern touch that also resembled slightly the modern extreme Metal sounds of the local Norwegian scene. I have to admit that I was rather intrigued by this sort of special mix of sounds and references. As for the material in question, I could differentiate that the band did what they could in order to present a set of so called pioneer ideas with strong energies following the interesting mixture of bands and genres that I mentioned earlier. On the other hand, most of the songs, with a very few alternations, shared the band’s freewheel burning speeding with brisk of youth thus not reaching that far with what I assumed was their original plan to spread out with a sort of an original like Rock N’ Roll. Nonetheless, I was impressed by “Betrayed”, probably the best song on the album, which attacked with find old groovy riffing, raspy, even Hetfield like in some ways, vocals that barked and sang a catchy piece of chorus while maintain an adequate rhythm section as a backbone. “Empty Bottles” and “Crazy Roads” had tweaks of old Punk Rock within their riffing and stony / dopy attitude, highly likable tracks in particular when the Hard Rock elements kicked in. “Torpedo”, at first seemed a bit distant that the others, but it hastily joined his pals on the tracklist. This is quite a competent track with a great mood and a fine musical flow of good honest Rock.

“Driven” is a great debut album and a promising start for this band. Sadly that it lacked the ability to be memorable in a way that it would be cool to comeback to it every now and then. I am not saying that AVENTYR should embrace cheesiness but there is a way to draw attention a lot better, especially with the arsenal of influences that this band displayed right here on this very album.

3 Star Rating

1. Driven
2. Betrayed
3. Trouble
4. Tomorrow
5. Torpedo
6. Crazy Roads
7. Outside
8. Delirious
9. Empty Bottles
10. Wanted
Roger “Stevie Stiff" Olsen - Vocals
Jan Tore Befring - Lead Guitar
Steinar Aven - Guitar
Roger Pettersen - Bass
Trond Vilnes - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music / Target Distribution


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