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Avi Rosenfeld - Very Heepy Very Purple III

Avi Rosenfeld
Very Heepy Very Purple III
by Anamarie Carla Ionita at 20 February 2015, 9:34 PM

Israeli based guitarist AVI ROSENFELD is a multi-talented musician who was born and raised amongst his father’s Heavy Metal vinyl collection. At a young age he quickly grew fond of both URIAH HEEP and DEEP PURPLE. Subsequently, in a move to honor some of his greatest influences, he has entitled his albums:  “Very Heepy Very Purple” and this one is his number III.

Based on the very HEEP, much PURPLE such WOW concept; we are dealing with a musician who pays his respects towards two great bands of the ‘70s. Someone might think that “Very Heepy Very Purple” is a collection of covers, but in truth, ROSENFELD created an ensemble of original tracks, in the good ‘ol Classic Rock style.

“Middle Earth” has a somewhat of a typical ‘70s intro, slow and steady rhythm and the well known ‘pa-da-pam-pam-pam” chorus. With “Columbus” we are crossing to a new and different world (pun intended). The tempo is more alert, and Avi’s voice similar to Sloman’s in some cases resonates extremely well with the instruments in the background and the sound effects offer a good and funny vibe to the song.

In a February morning, listening to someone singing about a “July Morning” makes me want to wake up in a couple of months: a beautiful ballad, a perfect harmony, an incredible tribute.

“To Valere” kicks off with an oriental sound, continuing with a crescendo guitar. Guitars are the foreground of this piece, rhythmic and solos.

“Directions” and “Say Little Lover” are a bit too blank of a tracks, I cannot say I love nor hate them, you have that feeling of indifference; you won’t change the station if it pops out at the radio but you won’t YouTube it either.

“Exit Code” is a little speedster. The only negative thing I have to say about this one-of-a-kind track is that the solo is too repetitive at the beginning, other than that, kudos mister Rosenfeld for making me pace alongside the tempo, I rarely do that on a solo.

 “Angels In White” is a bit more ‘darker’ than the (I think so) “Lady In Black” that they wanted to offer a tribute to. Not a masterpiece but a good track nonetheless, precise riffs and powerful voice.

To sum it up, AVI ROSENFELD will please every HEEP and PURPLE and any classic rock enthusiast in general. This 3rd “Very Heepy Very Purple” opus is better than its predecessors in terms of originality, composition and implementation.

4 Star Rating

1. Middle Earth
2. Colombus
3. On A July Morning
4. Directions
5. ToV alere
6. Say Little Lover
7. Exit Code
8. Angels In White
9. Prison Break
10. Tonight The Light
Lost My Phone

Avi Rosenfeld - Vocals, Guitars, Music, Lyrics
Rod Smith - Bass
Eli Barrett - Drums
Gerben Klazinga - Hammond

Sunshine One

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George Plopper - Upright Bass
Darell Ktiggzz - Paino
Raul Rodriguez - Drums

Gotta Get Back Home

Avi Rosenfeld - Vocals, Guitars, Music, Lyrics
Anton Wannemakers - Bass
Mark Fisk - Harp
Smokey Fennell - Banjo

Mesuchrar Hayom (Dizzy Today)

Avi Rosenfeld - Vocals, Guitars, Music, Lyrics
Neil Schmidt - Guitars and Guitar solo
Gabnai Matt - Bass
Christian Golling - Hammond
Eli Barrett - Drums

Lo Yodea Kama (Don't Know How Much)

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Dean Wuksta - Drums
Mark Nisbet - Bass
Walter Galeazzi - Hammond

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Bobby Watson - bass, sitar, percussion, strings
Smokey Fennell - Pedal Steel
Raul Rodriguez - Drums

Hine Hi (There She Is)

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Walter Kelleher - Drums
Flavio Malandra - Bass
Christopher Potter - Hammond
Scott Wheeldon - Electric Guitar solo

Before You Say Goodbye

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Neil Schmidt - Electric Guitar
Mark Nisbet - Bass
Brian Kulchycki - Drums
Walter Riggi - Hammond
Nemonty Montgomery- Saxophone

When Youre Going Down

Avi Rosenfeld - Vocals, Guitar, Music, Lyrics.
Mike Patterson - Vocals.
Richard Denney - Bass.
Peter Rand - Moog, Hammond.
Neil Schmidt - Lead and Rhythm Electric.
Harald K - Drums.

Someone Elses Dream

Avi Rosenfeld - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Music, Lyrics.
Tommaso Monopol - Drums
Tim Dobson - Saxophone
Dan G - Bass
Carlos Ovares – Piano
Record Label: Independent


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