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Avi Rosenfeld - Very Heepy, Very Purple IV Award winner

Avi Rosenfeld
Very Heepy, Very Purple IV
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 12 November 2016, 10:16 AM

Holy Classic Rock!  If you are a fan of old school Hard Rock and Metal, then you owe it to yourself to check this album out.  AVI ROSENFELD’S “Very Heepy Very Purple IV” is an album that is a straight up, balls to the wall dedication to bands like DEEP PURPLE, DIO, and IRON MAIDEN.  Featuring a revolving door of guest musicians lead by Avi himself, this album is chock full of soaring vocals, endless guitar solos, galloping riffs, energetic drumming, and the best bass guitar I’ve heard in years. The opening track, “Dancing”, opens with the unique sounds of the hammond, provided by George Barabas.  It goes throughout the song, propelling it forward much like dancers on a ball room floor.  Ian MacIntosh provides a jumpy, steady bass rhythm that supports the song and makes you bob your head along.  Massimo Gerini’s vocals are catchy with just enough grit in them to give the song a playful edge.  Honestly, he sounds like Chad Allan from THE GUESS WHO and the whole song definitely has that 70’s psychedelic vibe but with way more energy.

“Cross The Border” immediately takes off with pounding snare, galloping bass, and a great melodic guitar riff; it definitely has an IRON MAIDEN feel to it.  The vocalist on this track, Vahtango Zadiev, is obviously trying to invoking Bruce Dickinson but he doesn’t sound like a rip off; he definitely brings his own style and flavor to the Melodic Metal genre. Massimo Gerini sings on another track, “I Rode A Mile”, but he sounds completely different on this one than he does on the previously mentioned opener.  This is just goes to show that even though all the musicians involved in this project are definitely letting their influences show, they also forge their own sound; it makes the whole record more of a true dedication to the spirit of this music than some tacky b side album. Avi plays guitar on all the tracks and he can pretty much do anything on the ax.  Melodic leads, riffs, guitar solos…he plays everything and then some, shining the entire way through.  This is especially evident in the instrumental track, “Hava Nagila.”  His solos here tell a story as well as any vocalist could and just like BLIND GUARDIAN, it will be easy to find yourself humming or singing along to the guitar leads on this song.

There are too many musicians involved to talk about each one individually but rest assured each one plays their heart out and make themselves part of this great rocking puzzle. If you are any kind of fan of any music played before the late 80’s then I can’t imagine why this album would not catch your attention. Considering before this release I had never even heard of AVI ROSENFELD, I am completely blown away and impressed with this collection of old school metal and hard rock songs.  Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Dancing
2. Lancelot
3. Cross The Border
4. Hey Little Mama
5. Hava Nagila
6. Wait For Me
7. Treason
8. William Tell
9. I Rode A Mile
10. A Lesson You Can Learn
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Lyrics, Music
Record Label: Independent


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