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Avian - From The Depths Of Time (CD)

From The Depths Of Time
by Ian Kaatz at 20 January 2006, 5:24 AM

Yet another project with Lance King who is possibly the god of Melodic Power Metal vocals. Avian is one of those bands that as soon as you listen to the album you are hooked, then after that the album only gets better. The album is also a concept album involving guardians which makes for some interesting lyrics and overall feel of the album.
Avian began with Yan wanting to write music on a higher level after being inspired by seeing ProgPower USA III. When talking with the studio owner over fees, he suggested talking with Dave about doing bass. Yan and Dave hit it off and then Dave suggested Lance which also worked out well. Then Lance introduced Yan to Jonahand… this little chain of meetings worked out quite nicely, don't you think?
At first listen the music is totally solid but the production is a little muffled. Production is mostly lacking on the vocals which is kind of surprising and disappointing for the following reasons. Surprising because Lance helped mix it and you would think he would want his vocals coming through full force and disappointing because Lance's voice totally fucking rocks. The music however is so awesome, it surpasses the production easily. I have come across few albums as catchy as this one, hell I play this album at my place of business and I have more complements about it than any other music I play.
As far as influences for this album, Iron Maiden can definitely be heard here as well as more modern day Power Metal bands. A few of the highlights of the album are the two instrumentals which is a surprise, but Jonah just rips it up so hard on those two tracks. Some of the other highlights of the album are the tracks Time and Space Part 1: City Of Peace for the guitar part in the verse, which is very crunchy and sounds great as well as the solo. Another track I enjoy a lot and have enjoyed it for months before the album was even released due to it being posted on the website, is Single Blade Of Vengeance. Once again Yan makes a totally crunchy and awesome guitar riff. I particularly liked the little guitar solo thing he does at the beginning of the second verse as well as the official guitar solo for the song. Also some of Lance's best vocals are on this track. I assume Lance also did the backing vocals but the way the vocals are layered is superior. Another spot on the record where Lance really steps up is at the end of Blinding Force where he just sings Blinding Force a couple of times. I know it is very minor on the whole but I really enjoyed it, so there.
To close this album review is simply to say anything Lance sings on is going to be a great album. Not to overlook Yan's way above average guitar playing but I am kind of a Lance King fanboy. If you are a fan of Power Metal, melodic or not, I encourage you to pick up this album, it is one of the better ones of 2005.

4 Star Rating

Through The Past and Into Forever (Instrumental)
As The World Burns
Black Masquerade
The Fear
Final Frontier
Across The Millions (Instrumental)
Time And Space Part I: City of Peace
Single Blade of Vengeance
Two Sides Collide
Blinding Force
Time Is All We Need
Queen of the Insane
Last Moon (Instrumental)
The Depths of Time
Lance King - Vocals
Yan Leviathan - Guitars
Dave Ellefson - Bass
Jonah Weingarten - Keyboards
David Small - Drums
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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