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Avlivad – Avlivad

by Thomas Kumke at 03 December 2020, 12:16 PM

AVLIVAD hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden were formed in 2019. Although being a relatively young band, all members are experienced and in involved in other projects such as APOLOGOETHIA, ENSNARED, UNJUSTIFIED VIOLENCE, or Spanish Death Metal band GRAVEYARD. AVLIDAD play classical Death Metal. Their debut EP was released via Irish label Invictus Production which are specialized in Black, Death, and Doom Metal. The EP has a length of approximately 15 minutes.

The self-named EP of AVLIVAD is a high-speed affair from the first to the last note. The four tracks are all of high intensity, brutality, and insanity. The 15 minutes onslaught starts with “Moldy Pinnacles”, played at breakneck speed, with pretty simple guitar riffs, aggressive growls and pummeling drums. The song structure is chaotic, however there is halfway through a short mid-tempo break that includes a lead guitar solo. The song ends in a free Jazz stylish finale where everyone seems to plays what he wants to play. “Voracity” continues with bludgeoning the listener, it is faster and shorter than the opener, it has a simple, but effective song structure, and the lead guitar sequences are more technical. I liked what I heard and “Voracity” is my favorite of this EP.

Obituary Collector” follows in principle the same patterns as the other songs, but is a bit more dominated by, at times distorted, lead guitar sequences. The lead guitar solo during the mid-tempo break contributes to the song quite well, overall the break introduces a bit of darkness. “And You’ll See Me” goes back to the chaotic structural approach of the opener, maintains the blistering pace for most of the song as well as the insanity of the guitars. The song is driven by constant variations in pace where the slightly slower portions of the song are less distorted and of enhanced quality. The song fades out in a grim lead guitar sequence until the end. “And You’ll See Me” was put on YouTube by the label and the link is given below.

Avlivad” leaves a first impression what we can expect from AVLIVAD in the future: blistering pace without compromise, chaotic guitars, distorted song structures, brutal vocals, and little variations. That works on a four song EP, however, I will be excited to see how AVLIVAD approach a full-length album. Normally, I would say something on the drums, since they are very essential in Death Metal, but unfortunately I struggled to recognizable them. I also did not hear a lot of bass. The production leaves some room for improvement. Overall, AVLIVAD made a decent start to their career and this EP may fans give a teaser what to expect from them in the future.

Songwriting:  6
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  6
Production:  6

3 Star Rating

1. Moldy Pinnacles
2. Voracity
3. Obituary Collector
4. And You’ll See Me
L.O. – Vocals
C.S. – Guitars
J.K. – Drums
S.A. – Bass
Record Label: Invictus Production


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