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Avslut – Deceptis Award winner

by Erika Kuenstler at 26 March 2018, 10:32 PM

Two years ago, we saw the promising and well-received debut EP release of “Vanskapt” by Swedish Black Metal band AVSLUT, formed in the same year. Now, the beginning of 2018 sees the band unleash their first full-length album “Deceptis”, showing the world just what the band is capable of. Clocking in just shy of three-quarters of an hour, “Deceptis” is a blackened bombardment, delivering a tempestuous aural onslaught, and a must-listen for Black Metal fans.

From the first notes of “Pestilens”, an icy voice supported by infernal tremolo-picked riffs and bombastic drumming conjure soundscapes of violence and misanthropy, and one might for a moment think back to the heyday of DARK FUNERAL. However, unlike their fellow countrymen, AVSLUT temper their fury with a host of different textures, as well as more melodious parts, giving the songs a more diverse feel, and the comparison is quickly forgotten. The slower paced songs, such as “Förlorad” and “Evigt Mörker”, have a frosty undertow, resulting in a searing icy vortex of sound, providing a stark disparity to the fiery furore of the faster sections, such as in the absolutely stunning song “Legion”. Death Metal influences also come to the fore, particularly in songs like “Martyrium”, giving a frenetic and frenzied feel to the album “Deceptis”. In contrast to this, more melodic aspects shine forth in songs like “Existensens Skugga” and “Evigt Mörker”, allowing AVSLUT to create sinister and frigid atmospheres that add idiosyncratic layers to the album. This coalescence of distinct textures gives the album a multi-faceted feel, allowing the listener to discover new soundscapes with subsequent listens. At the apex of the album is the title track of the album “Deceptis”, an intricate song which flawlessly melds catchy groovy riffs, machine gun fired vocals, tight and tempestuous drumming and sterling songwriting into a superb display of musicianship. Finally, closing off the album, we have the self-titled song “Avslut”, the longest one on “Deceptis”. Starting off with a slow and despondent atmosphere, this blossoms into a powerful dirge-like song once the vocals kick in. A sudden swirl of ferocious guitar-work rips in, once again transforming the song into a eulogy of power, all topped by a stunning guitar solo. On an album full of musical prowess, it’s a nigh impossible task to pinpoint one in particular as being outstanding.  However, this is perhaps the song where each musician really shines, giving us a full taste of what AVSLUT is truly capable of.

Overall, the clear production quality allows each element to stand out, without compromising any of the album’s aggression. One stumbling block where many bands who try to meld a variety of influenced and sounds fail is in the overall cohesiveness of the album: in many cases it sounds disjointed and chaotic. But AVSLUT have managed to avoid this pitfall, which in itself is no small feat. “Deceptis” is certainly a strong debut, and AVSLUT is most certainly a band I will be keeping my eye on in the future. In a genre overburdened by mediocrity, AVSLUT are a breath of fresh air. If you like your Black Metal with a decent side serving of Death, this is definitely a release worth checking out.
Memorability: 9
Production: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Pestilens
2. Förlorad
3. Existensens Skugga
4. Legion
5. Martyrium
6. Deceptis
7. Evigt Mörker
8. Terra Mater
9. Avslut
C. – Vocals
E. – Lead guitar/backing vocals
O. – Drums
D. – Bass
S. – Rhythm guitar
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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