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Avslut – Tyranni

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 03 December 2019, 10:51 PM

Swedish Black Metallers, AVSLUT release only their second Full-Length album. This is their third year together, feels like longer, but in a good way.  The weirdest thing about this release is that it does not contain the 3 songs from the "Förslavad" EP that was released this year. Mnay people thought this album would contain one of “Återfödelsen”, “Förslavad” or “Offerdöd”. Let us see what they have in store for us.

Tyranni” kicks off the album with a frantic pace. If you were not awake, you are now. The aggression in the vocals goes really well with the pace, meaning the balance and structure of the song work perfectly.  The progression of the song works perfectly to take the drums into perspective as a guide through the melody. Vocals are in Swedish, so I have no idea what is being said, but they are clear enough to understand if you speak their tongue. Good start. “Stigens ände” continues the intercity of the build-up and aggressive vocals.  The beat is fast and melody is solid so far. The harmonic control in the song is brilliant, they certainly know how to create a masterful sound and exercise it. The song continues to build its own progression perfectly. The melody is so well controlled, nothing is out of place. The pace within the song is amplified brilliantly by the vocals, which are never overtaken by instrumentalists, but also never runs overt them.

Likvidering” has a solid, heavy kick-off. The beat doers not cease one bit, its intense and in your face. The vocals are powerful enough to keep the melody turning. The song’s progression isn’t as in depth as other songs on the album, but it ticks over successfully nonetheless. The sound is decent even if it feels more like a filler song, or a drop down to what the pace of the next songs may be. The scream to the end is powerful and is a great addition to the sound created. “Allt förgås” begins with a slower intro into the song. You can hear something approaching. It doesn’t explode, it just slowly unveils itself. It’s a slow and winding so, but it doesn’t feel out of place, the speed of “Likvidering” makes more sense in their approach now. The aggressive vocals control the song and create a dark, twisted melody that comes through the song beautifully.

Den eviga flamman” is back to the heavy hitters, heads will be banging to this one. The aggression is felt from all aspects and it is oozing passion. The song has a mini breakdown in pace, as the drums slowly create a build-up. The melody goes into the higher gears for a few minutes with the intense tricks we have heard from the album so far, but in the final third of the song it slows down, creating depth and new atmosphere we can hear and appreciate. The mix of styles really works to keep the album sounding fresh. “Underjordens apostlar” begins with aggression seeping from the vocals, being matched perfectly by the instrumentalists. The progression has worked wonders, with the pace slowly building up into the second half of the song. The aggression and tempo work side by side in the final third of the song to take it through the gears and into levels where pits will form.

Pestens lärjungar” starts slowly, teasing an explosion almost. It does not take long to gradually pick up. The vocals continue at the consistent levels we have heard and works a treat. The song is in full swing and it keeps threatening to explode, but it slows down, teasing. The song picks up again, into the same rhythm. It takes us through the motions once more before slowing down, then suddenly starting again to finish off the song. “Dråp” takes over with the speed from the previous song, “Pestens lärjungar”. It keeps up intensity as if one merges into the other. This song seems to be in a higher gear. The vocal control and balance in the song allows melodies to form all round. The song does feel like it could have gone further into exploding into its own sound, but the song is still decent.

Ändlöst slaveri” is the close to "Tyranni". The album has a mix of slow and fast beats and tempo all over. This has a blend of both styles to start. Not as fast as most but not as slow as others. The tempo is still decent enough and as the screams are out it quickens the overall pace of the melody. The vocals are not as aggressive so the melody is steadier, but by no means worse. The section to take us up to halfway is solid and catchy. The halfway point just seems to fade away. The song picks itself back off, but seems to be just willing to end in a flurry of instrumentals and short lasting vocals, more spoken word. Not a bad idea

The progression of sound in the album works very well. The band have their own preferences on sound, it is their own, and it is awesome. The balance the band keep is perfect to help them amplify their sound and a band, and as individuals. Great effort!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Tyranni (Tyranny)
2. Stigens ände (The end of the ladder)
3. Likvidering (Liquidation)
4. Allt förgås (Everything goes away)
5. Den eviga flamman (The eternal flame)
6. Underjordens apostlar (Apostles of the underworld)
7. Pestens lärjungar (Disciples of the plague)
8. Dråp            (Manslaughter)
9. Ändlöst slaveri (Endless slavery)
Christian Jönsson Baad –Vocals & Guitars
Eddie Lindgren – Guitars & Vocals
Dennis Holm – Bass Guitar
Simon Olovsson – Guitars
Oscar Krumlinde – Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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