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Avulsed - Ritual Zombi

Ritual Zombi
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 16 September 2013, 5:02 PM

AVULSED are a Spanish Death Metal band, who formed in 1991 and are based in Madrid. The five-piece have been going strong for over two decades, and their latest album is no exception. “Ritual Zombi” is the group’s 6th full-length release, and promises to maintain the same high standard of the previous albums. With its dark themes and brutal musicianship, “Ritual Zombi” is not for the faint-hearted. Give it a listen, if you’re brave enough.

“Dawn of Apocalypse (Intro)”, the opening track, is heavy on both distorted and melodic guitar, as well as a symphonic effect. Although less than two minutes, the haunting melody has a lasting effect on the memory. The song that follows, “Dead Flesh Awakened”, has recently been released as a music video, available for viewing on YouTube or their website. Brace yourself for pig squeals and some very rapid drumming. Next we enter “Z-Hunter”, which consists of some very funky riffs and melodies. The Zombies should beware. “…Was Not My Blood” sounds rather suspicious, which is appropriately conveyed through the sinister bass which introduces the track. The growling begins a bit later than in the previous tracks, letting the instruments assume their role in the driver’s seat. The next has a similarly disturbing title, and contains some disturbingly awesome guitar melodies. “Horrified by Repulsion” places emphasis on the guitars and drums, but by no means are the vocals or bass any less brutal. “Zompiro” follows suit, which machine-gun double kick and rapid riffication.

You’ll be surprised by the successive track, “Elegy For the Rotting (Interlude)”. Although it has a rather unpleasant title, the song features some lovely Spanish acoustic guitar, and at 2:17 in length, is a nice temporary break from the distortion and growls. However, by the time the next track kicks off the band bring back the brutality. “Unborn of the Undead” has blood-curdling screams and growls that will make your skin crawl. You might do a double-take when you see the track name “Brainsuck”, and wonder what the song will entail. You can take the name literally, as this speedy number will drain the life out of you. “Zombie Ritual (DEATH)” begins with a melodic riff that will instantly get you hooked, and if that doesn’t work then the steadfast drumming certainly will. The next song is quite a paradox, both in music and in name. “Cannivegan Corpse” has melodic riffs as well as rapid distortion, a common element used by AVULSED in this album. This track features an intense breakdown, which is accompanied by Dave Rotten’s growls. Both aspects work together to produce a very funky rhythm. “Cult of the Living Dead” is as terrifying as the name suggests. The riffs are dreaded yet catchy, and the vocals hostile yet addictive. The final track of Ritual Zombi effectively summaries the overall themes and intentions of the album: gore and awesome music. This haunting song begins with muttering and screaming voices, before gradually evolving into a recurring riff, later accompanied by another overlapping riff. “Devoured and Forgotten (Outro)” is a superbly appropriate end to a disturbingly inappropriate album.

AVULSED bring forth their talent, creativity and dark minds to this awesome release, making it both an essential listen and a terrifying creation. If you like Death Metal, you’ll like “Ritual Zombi”, and you’ll certainly like AVULSED.

4 Star Rating

1. Dawn of Apocalypse (Intro)
2. Dead Flesh Awakened
3. Z-Hunter
4. …Was Not My Blood
5. Horrified By Repulsion
6. Zompiro
7. Elegy For the Rotting (Interlude)
8. Unborn For the Undead
9. Brainsuck
10. Zombie Ritual (Death Cover)
11. Cannivegan Corpse
12. Cult of the Living Dead
13. Devoured and Forgotten (Outro)
David Sánchez González (Dave Rotten) – Vocals
José María De Miguel Orero (Cabra) – Guitar
Juan Carlos Limón Calvo (Juancar) – Guitar
Antonio Carlos Rodríguez Espigares (Tana) – Bass
Oscar Bravo Gordillo (Osckar) – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records / Xtreem Music


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