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Avulsion Rupture - Blasphemous Resurrection Award winner

Avulsion Rupture
Blasphemous Resurrection
by Danny Sanderson at 05 April 2015, 7:51 PM

The Black Metal scene in the UK is perhaps at the strongest it has been for several years, and it could be argued that the scene hasn't been this strong on these haunted shores since the early days of the second wave. One band that has existed to see the scene evolve over here in the way it has is the one man, Nottinghamshire based project AVULSION RUPTURE. Originally formed in 2000, and releasing a demo before disbanding two years later, the band’s sole member, Paul Bobrucki, would eventually resurrect the band and produce its first output in twelve years, an EP called, aptly enough considering the bands history, "Blasphemous Resurrection". This will act not only as a comeback release, but also a taster of what is to come on the bands upcoming album.

The EP's opening track, "Ancient Trackways", is an incredibly raw and cold sounding statement of intent, which sets the tone for the rest of the EP. It has an aggression that immediately commands your attention, with buzz saw guitar lines, harsh, rasping vocals, and powerful, if somewhat strange sound, drums. Like all the other tunes on this record, it's over fairly quickly, but it leaves its intended mark on the listener. "Ziggurat of Blasphemy" is another blisteringly fast, ferocious and low-fi piece of Black Metal that's evocative of the early days of the scene. This is where I think the strength of this music lies; it doesn't adhere to current trends and styles, and stick to its own formula, without sliding into the realms of straight up nostalgia. "Nebulae", likewise, has dark and eerie dissonance about it, and the guitar lines in particular, help make this one of the better tracks on this EP. The drumming on this number is also, at points, very impressive, and shows just how versatile and varied of a musician Paul actually is. The penultimate piece, "Icons of Desecration", has all the hallmarks of a classic slab of raw and sepulchral Black Metal. It's very hard to pick a single element in this song that is the main focus, because all the vocals, guitars and drumming are all very well delivered and done. Closer "I Am Armageddon", is arguably the most vicious of the five tracks. It opens with what sounds like a cannon blast and descends quickly to the edge of chaos, as if it's trying to sincerely tear into your eardrums and blow you away one last time before the EP reaches its conclusion. It's a cool cacophony of riffs; blast beats and snarls which help secure this release as an underground classic.

If there is one thing I can find fault with on here, it is definitely that it isn't long enough. I could listen to this kind of Black Metal for hours and hours and not get tired of it. In a scene dominated by a much cleaner, polished tone and mixing, this style of rabid, morbid Black Metal is a breath of fresh air. If you love old school, raw Black Metal, then this is a release that is well worth checking out. With any luck, the new album, which is slated to be released this year, will be just as good as this one.

4 Star Rating

1. Ancient Trackways
2. Ziggurat of Blasphemy
3. Nebulae
4. Icons of Desecration
5. I Am Armageddon
Paul Bobrucki - All Instruments, Vocals, Programming
Record Label: Independent


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