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Avulsion Rupture - Transmissions from the Dream Dimension

Avulsion Rupture
Transmissions from the Dream Dimension
by Justin Joseph at 10 August 2021, 10:02 PM

There is a certain mysticism that permeates through a one man band release. The sole person is the architect and the sculptor in one. It’s as though the ideas are poured from the head, and we consume that which was once a figment of the imagination now fully formed. Enter AVULSION RUPTURE, a one man Black Metal band hailing from the United Kingdom, formed in 2000, but becoming inactive around 2002 only to be resurrected in 2014. Since 2014, the band has released three (3) EPs and two (2) full length albums, with their third album being the most recent material, titled “Transmissions from The Dream Dimension”. Upon listening to this album, I got the vibe of TORMENTOR’s “Anno Domini” where the instrumentation and riffing is concerned. But I am certain you are not here to hear me go on about which band this and that sounds like….sooo….onto the real question, how is the album? Let’s find out!

Firstly, let’s take a look at the actual production of the album, the sound if you may. In summary, it the album takes a lo-fi production approach. Now, before you roll your eyes and think “you mean to tell me it sounds as though it’s recorded in a basement??” No, not exactly (to be honest, I’m not entirely sure where it was recorded, but I’m straying, that’s not the point), the lo-fi approach actually enhances and adds to the mood of the album. I always hear the common complaint with lo-fi Black Metal recordings, “How am I supposed to enjoy this? What the hell is this noise???” I could understand to a certain point where an average Metal listener is concerned how this may seem like a negative. Truthfully, it may not be for everyone, but when lo-fi recording is done right, I think (in my opinion) it erects a certain aura that cloaks the song structure and entire album, it makes the songs seem much more ‘alive’ and vulnerable as opposed to a well-polished recording. This is where AVULSION RUPTURE shines, as the lo-fi sound utilized creates the imagery of an otherworldly being trying to escape the confines of another realm but can only communicate through the static of a broken radio transmitter.

The album begins with “Kenopisa” which displays the veins of your standard Black Metal composition with regards to the tremolo picking as well as the blast beats used. It’s actually not a bad song, as the positive is the catchiness of the riff, it’s easily memorable. However, I want to address the negatives right away, and its not pertaining to the song writing. “Kenopisa” and the third track “Entrails of the Infinite” while by no means bad songs (listen to the fills as well as the blast beats on Entrails) compared to the rest of the album, they are the most standard songs, with easily accessible riffing and vocal delivery. As such, I firmly believe a good album is as strong as the opening song, and to reiterate, these aren’t underwhelming songs by no means, but in order to captivate and lure the listener the album possess other songs which in my humble opinion display the album’s ability much better.

Let’s dive into both track two (2) ”Screams in the Darkness” and four (4) “Stellar Evolution”, either one could have been chosen as the album’s opener. “Screams in the Darkness” begins with a melodic riff which resonates throughout the song as the main riff, swiftly followed by the raw, primal drumming. The track interchanges with the tempo as it adopts a furious approach with the riffing and then goes back into the main riff. Again, in the short space, I truly believe this track encompasses the spirit that lurks within the album. A particular highlight is at the 2:13 mark in which the tremolo picking sets a new tonal shift which is soon joined by the viscous blast beats a few seconds later with both instruments feeding off each other synonymously which reverberates around the static like atmosphere. Then at the 2:36 mark, a sort of breakdown occurs which is my favorite point in the song, where the breakdown fuses with the main riff at the beginning. “Stellar Evolution” is hands down my favorite song on this album as it is more experimental using elements from Black n’ Roll (think portions of TAAKE and some elements of UADA) where the riffs and drum beats are concerned. The vocal delivery, while at first are the cold and decrepit Black Metal low-register vocals, there is some variation here, where lower, harsher register is utilized, and more akin to Death Metal (listen from 1:04 to 1:19). This is a highlight on the track, since it works in favor of the lo-fi production, meaning, the harsher register is accentuated more because of the rough sounds produced, making it more visceral. Overall this track is one of the melodic songs that incorporates a memorable groove section.

The Hollinwell Incident” is another track that displays the experimental side that this album has to offer, as it begins with a melodic style riffing complimented by swift blast beats, then branches it a groove oriented section. The majority of these songs on the album handle the shift in transition seamlessly, whether it be from melodic to groove and straight into the Black Metal riff. I touched upon the Black n’ Roll aspect earlier before , and this track implements a short burst of that energy perfectly around the 1:58 mark that breaks up the up-tempo tremolo picking from before and gives the track a new spirit to be intertwined. The final track “Phase Shifter” is a fitting closure to the album by integrating different structures from the previous tracks and stitching them together to create the final note for the listener. The riffing style used here is much more heavy in terms of tone as it feels like iron clad shackles being dragged upon the earth.

In conclusion, I very much enjoyed this album, especially the raw production like atmosphere that is emitted from each songs. Like I said, the fact that all this was conjured by one being, adds a certain charm to it. I would definitely recommend this to Black Metal fans and Extreme Metal fans alike. Heck, even those who are on the fence about lo-fi production recordings, I would say give this a chance, but keep in mind, that the production used enhances the ambience. To AVULSION RUPTURE, best of luck with your future releases! Hails!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Kenopsia
2. Screams in the Darkness
3. Entrails of the Infinite
4. Stellar Evolution
5. Wormhill
6. The Hollinwell Incident
7. The Wharram Percy Revenant
8. They Will Make Cemeteries Their Cathedrals and the Cities Will Be Your Tombs
9. Phase Shifter
Paul Bobrucki - All instruments, Vocals, Programming
Record Label: Independent


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