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Awake By Design – Carve The Sun

Awake By Design
Carve The Sun
by Nitsan "Moonchild" Cohen at 05 June 2015, 9:56 AM

Sometimes, when I listen to a new band, I tend to think "Wow, this is awesome! If only the guitars wouldn't… if only the singer stopped…" etc. Those were my exact thought when I first listened to AWAKE BY DESIGNs' new album- "Carve The Sun". In my first listen, I had tones of criticism. After a couple more I just had to say – I simply love it!

AWAKE BY DESIGN is an upcoming band located in England. They operate for eight years now, and after their first album alone they had the chance to perform with bands such as MY DYING BRIDE, SONATA ARCTICA, APOCALYPTICA and more. Their line-up had changed for many times before they reached the current, hoping for it to last. What they are trying to do with their music is not as simple as "Symphonic Metal", but is more complex. Most of their work is melodic and soft, but every now and then a heavy part comes along. They're touching almost every type of modern, clean Metal or even Hard Rock for times.

The album opens with a distant guitar humming, for a fest and heavy song called "I". The guitar line that also continues in the Power-sounding keyboards gives the song its' volume (not only sound-wise, but depth-wise too). All those only seem harder in the next song, "Tired Of Angels". In this song, all the instruments are faster and heavier, including a small guitar solo towards the end.

By the third song, there's a twist in the plot. "Falling On Me" is a sad song that almost felt like IRON MAIDENs soft ballads, with a modern touch. Still, the heavy elements remain amongst the guitars and drums, yet the vocals and keyboards gives the sad feeling of listening to Metal ballads. Another fun twist is with "Carve The Sun", the theme song of this album, reminding us the heavy, sad, feeling while holding up the tension. The keyboards and vocals are very different then the guitars, yet somehow matched up for one another. For the first time, you can almost hear the struggle of two guitars, keyboards and a bass guitar not only there to stare at. It's not easy for each one to find its' part and place, and still have room for everyone else. They were able to make it sound good, and for that they deserve the credit.

Just in time, comes the melodic Sad-Deep-Depressive-Song. I do think every Melodic Metal band should have this kind of song to listen to when you are alone in the rain and need to think about your life. This one is highly appropriate, named "Yesterdays Rain". The next couple of songs, "Surface" and "World Of Mirrors" continue the same line of sad songs with an angry touch of drums and guitar lines. "From Disgraced Land" does the same thing, but with heavier lines and faster… well… everything. The C part is soft and quite, and the two guitar solos (before and after the C part) are pretty dam great.

For me, the album ended in "Moments Of Fame". This song goes out to every sound possible, with fast break-ins, Melodic vocals and Power keyboard solo. The song shoots in every direction, and it's not bad at all. The actual last song, "Out Of Line" sounds like a Pop-ish version of something- not so sure what. Even though it was not my favourite song, it is a cute finish to this album.

I can't say "Carve The Sun" is perfect, but I can say it's pretty great. The way all the instruments work together is freeing and fun to listen, whilst the melodic vocals gives that sad, angry feeling we need from time to time. They still have a lot to learn about how to work together and produce better sounds, but there's something good going on between those guys. There sure was a lot of effort invested in this album, and the final result is absolutely wonderful.

4 Star Rating

1. I
2. Tired Of Angels
3. Falling On Me
4. Carve The Sun
5. Yesterdays Rain
6. Surface
7. World Of Mirrors
8. From Discard Land
9. Moments Of Fame
10. Out Of Line
Adrian Powell – Vocals
Dave Favill – Bass
Luke Hatton – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Luka Smith – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Janson Sissons – Keyboards/Piano
Dave Roelofs – Drums
Record Label: LMC Records


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