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Awaken Demons - Self-Titled

Awaken Demons
by Sharon "Metal Chick" Bar-Or at 04 June 2012, 5:44 PM

This is a special message to AWAKEN DEMONS: Lose the intro. There's no point for this intro though the direction of the track could have been nice if it was an actual song and not an intro.

Now when it comes to Metalcore, there's supposed to be a chaotic experience and it is the same also when it comes to AWAKEN DEMONS but even a chaotic experience should be a good one,unfortunately it's not the case this time: it's just 4 guys that are constantly angry… So yeah, I understand the meaning of awaken demons- we all have our own demons to deal with but even when it's time to deal with them- these guys keep the anger on the line… so I think you can write a happy song and AWAKEN DEMONS will still put it out there in an angry way. So why writing about an everyday war within each and everyone of us and still be angry and that's it? I have no idea. Real power comes from dealing with those demons and not getting angry with them…

Chronologically, it's awful: How can AWAKEN DEMONS write about been "Isolated" or "Disease" (which is why I understand the anger) and in the middle of the album write about hopeful things like: "Phoenix "and "Breach The Sky" and still be angry?!

Instrumentally, nice drumming works with the double pedal especially. The guitar riffs are nice as well but it's getting really old after the third track… but above all I really missed to hear a good old fashion Metalcore bass… only one thought popped into my head listening to AWAKEN DEMONS: The bass is M.I.A…

AWAKEN DEMONS, come on, you can do better than this…

1 Star Rating

1. Foregone
2. Sharks
3. Disease
4. Under The Glass
5. Me, Against The Machine
6. Phoenix
7. Isolated
8. Tempest
9. Take The Crown
10. Breach The Sky
11. Under The Glass (Remix)
Luca Zattoni- Vocals
Nicola Lelli - Bass
Andrea Bassetti - Guitar
Emanuele Pagani – Drums
Record Label: Bastarized Recordings


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Edited 04 December 2022

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