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Axe Crazy - Angry Machines

Axe Crazy
Angry Machines
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 19 April 2016, 3:20 PM

Well, there’s a question that’s asked every time that Metallians speak about Metal's future; is there a need to be original, to create a new way of playing Metal, to make success?

And there isn't a unique answer for this question. There are tons of them, but personally, Big Daddy here thinks that a good band doesn't need to do something really new in terms of style, but can't be a copy of what was already done. It's a midterm between all the answers you have, but I'm not telling you to believe in my answer. Find yours, dear nephews and nieces.

So, in my personal point of view, bands as Polish quintet AXE CRAZY are important, and their EP "Angry Machines" is a good piece of music to hear.

On these four songs, you'll find the old and good traditional Heavy Metal, done with melodies and weight, and a strong work from guitars (both in riffs as on the solos). But the vocals and rhythmic session are good as well. You won't find originality here, but a form of music full of energy and done with heart and personality, so good as those bands from NWOBHM and from European Heavy Metal scene from the 80s.

The sound quality is a bit more raw than the needed. But with this quality, they sound organic and nasty as those from the eighties, besides it seems not to be something moldy and eroded from time, but damaged the tunes from the drums. Obviously, there's no sense in doing such thing in the times we are living, but it isn't bad.

"Angry Machines" is filled with melodies and very good riffs, as well as "Hungry for Life". "Sabretooth Tiger" shows very good vocals (even with some high pitched screams) and is spilling pure energy. And "Running Out of Time" has a very intense NWOBHM feeling, showing good work from bass and drums.

As said above, they don't have the most original work in the world, but it's good. I believe they will surprise us all in the near future. For now, "Angry Machines" is a good EP.

Originality: 5
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Angry Machines
2. Hungry for Life
3. Sabretooth Tiger
4. Running Out of Time
Michael Skotnicki - Vocals
Robson Bigos - Guitars
Adrian Bigos - Guitars
Kamil Pieściuk - Bass
Andrzej Heczko - Drums
Record Label: Pure Underground Records


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