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Axecuter - Metal Is Invincible

Metal Is Invincible
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 24 January 2013, 3:43 PM

“Metal Is Invincible”, such is the cry of Daniel "Danmented" Azeved and the sharpened AXECUTER from Brazil. This destructive blitzkrieg trio worship Metal, and the bangers prevail. They bring their onslaught of Heavy Metal to the world by channeling the likes of VENOM, OSTROGOTH, MANILLA ROAD, TANK, CIRITH UNGOL,PILE DRIVER, SODOM, HOLOCAUST, etc. They are a perfect fit for the roster of Infernö Records right along the likes of TYRANEX, RAZORWYRE, CLENCHED FIST, PRIME EVIL, LEGIONS OF WAR, etc.

I have the “Bangers Prevail” Cassette-Single promo, so I was excited to receive an advanced digital version for the forthcoming full-length. Although, I understand that bassist Tersis "T-Basstard" Zonato has already departed and been replaced by Felipe “Phil Rippervert” Leite.  Just like M-PIRE OF EVIL this album captures all the essence of old school rough and raw, but hard and fast Metal that we wholly devour. The title track, the avaricious “Feed The Beast”, and the unrepentant “Keep On Sinning” are prime evil examples of this. Whereas the slow, more epic track: “The Fires Of Krakatoa” calls to mind WITCHFINDER”S GENERAL, WARLORD, and even early SAXON.

The most vibrant cut, and sure to be their Black Metal anthem -“No God, No Devil (Worship Metal)” sums up what this band is all about, and that is constant headbanging, and total toxic overload. The possessed ritual of the mighty decibels still rings in my ears, many hours after giving in to the swing of the AXECUTER.

3 Star Rating

1. Metal Is Invincible
2. Too Heavy to Load
3. Feed the Beast
4. No God, No Devil (Worship Metal)
5. Bangers Prevail
6. Destructive Blitzkrieg (Instrumental)
7. Keep on Sinning
8. The Fires of Krakatoa
9. Heavy Metal To TheWorld (Manilla Road Cover)
Danmented  – Vocals, Guitars
T. Basstard  – Bass, Backing Vocals
Baphometal – Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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