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Axegressor - Last

by Yngwieviking at 16 June 2014, 2:21 PM

The quartet AXEGRESSOR are hailing from Turku Finland. This the first album by the Thrash traditionalists for Listenable Records, but “Last” it’s their third long player (well long 36’17” that’s quite short) since their appearance in mid 2000’s. It’s quite obvious that they are not rookies. Those are experienced musicians with a strong focus in performing a real Old school brand of Thrash Metal, with an impressive talent and an unfailing tightness .

You can tell easily that Schmier/Petrozza and young Araya are the main influences of Vocalist Johnny Nuclear Winter. The Finnish players are also in perfect orthodoxy with the Revival of 80’s Thrash, not a single trace of modernity here even the sound production smells the Vinyl and Noise Records (RIP). The songs are all in the key of Nostalgia and could have been featured in “Infernal Overkill”/“Pleasure To Kill” or “We Have Arrived”. The dedication of the band is undisputable as much as its honesty and determination toward this legendary genre.

The typical songs structures are familiar, each and every composant is overused. We already know all the tricks, the lyrical clichés are also yet pretty worn out (fight/resist) but i must confess that the whole is jubilant. It’s like visiting an old friend and remembering the good tales from the past times. It’s a rejuvenating mode, a collection of blistering tracks made by a bunch of Headbangers, for those who had this incisive sonic mania clearly tatooed in their skin. A teenager disease now in mutation and guilty of transforming a part of our deepest DNA.

If you are still possessed by Evil, if you still love the agresssive sharp riffage of chainsaw guitarz and if your bullet belt still fits you well, you are the perfect target for those Metal Merchants and their Hellish method : A classic mix with an insane amount of Headbanging spirit under an onslaught of decibels and a primal savage delivery of sound!

The quality is definitely present but the originality is lacking, anyway it’s a good tribute to the Early Thrash Gods!

3 Star Rating

1. Freedom Illusion
2. Lead Justice
3. Mind Castration
4. Merciless Reality Check Last
5. 15
6. Social Pressure
7. A Fistful of Ignorance
8. Command to Last
9. Determinator
Johnny Nuclear Winter – Lead Vocals
Seba Forma – Guitars
Atte Mäkelä – Drums
Aki Paulamäki – Bass, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Listenable Records


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