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Axemaster - Blessing In The Skies (CD)

Blessing In The Skies
by Grigoris Chronis at 28 January 2007, 12:46 PM

When Metal music was savage, uncompromising, ruthless and evil…it was the time that various US Metal bands had their chance of eating a slice of the Metal 'pie'. Most of them did not succeed in something more than releasing a couple - the max - of albums plus some regional gigs, while their albums are now much sought-after items in collectors' lists. AXEMASTER surely belong to this list and the re-release of Blessing In The Skies from Greek Metal label Burning Star Records sees nothing less than a furious appetite for diving in the glorious Metal past.
Ohio, USA saw AXEMASTER developing their savage poetry in the mid-80s. Inking deal with the infamous Azra label - some may recall the occult debut EP release from Jag Panzer in 1983 through this brand - the diabolic trio released Blessing In The Skies in 1987 and 'nasty' US Metal fans did find another fave (see next paragraph). Still, nothing more did AXEMASTER achieve apart from a demo cassette in the early 90s, some 'shaped' demo releases (I think) and a couple of CDs with unreleased material in the late 90s. Sad, sad, sad…
Blessing In The Skies needs no introduction to the ones familiar with the likes of US Metal bands of the 80s like AXEHAMMER, ARMED FORCES, (early) OMEN (early) JAG PANZER, SAVAGE GRACE, TYRANT'S REIGN, DEMON FLIGHT, STEEL ASSASIN and the rest of the 'obscure' clan. Dark, mystique, monolithic Power/Epic Metal that comes off the wildest NWOBHM sounds together with a joint adornment for the AC/DC grooves (see for Rock Forever and Without A Trace). The singing is cold-blooded and mean, the guitars are primitive and heavy as hell, the rhythm section is SABBATH-ian and the lyrical themes are sceptic.
No need to write more, I guess. 'Obscure' 80s epic Metal fans will surely show interest in this re-release; an 'extra point' being the bonus stuff that accompanies it. Yes, included goodies feature three bonus cuts plus a video(!) for Slave To The Blade. So - apart from those lunas still looking for the extremely rare vinyl edition - the horror of vague US Metal music is now digitally available and the axe will fall on you if you do not confirm your loyalty to pure AXEMASTER music.

4 Star Rating

The Prophecy/Golgotha
Blood Of The Temple
Rock Forever
Without A Trace
Demon Machine
The Reaper
Slave To The Blade
The Predator
Heretical Valor
Snake Charmer
The Power
Christopher Michael - Vocals & Bass
Joe Sims - Lead Guitar
Brian Henderson - Drums
Record Label: Burning Star Records


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