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Ayin Aleph - Ayin Aleph I (CD)

Ayin Aleph
Ayin Aleph I
by Yiannis Zervos at 27 June 2008, 11:11 AM

What would you do if a major need to create art of any kind was eating your inner self? It's one thing to feel that need and it's another thing to actually commit yourself to ART. Ayin Aleph is a multi-sided talent since her younger days in USSR. A musical prodigy (especially on piano) and a poet, who left her country for France, after the end of the Cold War. After many musical studies and some drama/acting lessons, Ayin searched for musicians to match her artistic vision and deliver the sound she had in her mind.

Ayin Aleph I is her first album that came to life after a lot of hard work. Due to her musical studies the melodies are turning to the Baroque side of Classical music, Aleph's voice is lyrical and operatic giving to the whole result a strange sense, but she can transform her voice to many things; can't really describe it. To some ears Ayin Aleph I maybe sounds Gothic-like, to some others maybe like Klaus Nomi, but it is not another Symphonic Metal album in any way. The presence of piano melodies and multi-tracking backing vocals are making the final result more and more confusing.

Ayin Aleph found help from exceptional musicians like Mark Mynett (KILL II THIS, CITY OF GOD) and Anthony Scemama (MISANTHROPE) on the guitars, Jean-Jaques Moreac (MISANTHROPE) on bass and Yann Costes who re-recorded the drum parts that Jeff Singer (PARADISE LOST, BLAZE) had played initially. Also, the valuable and important contribution of the Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH) in the mixing process was needed due to the great number of vocal tracks that were recorded (over 100 tracks for the song Greed).

Ayin Aleph wrote and arranged all the songs for her debut album, she played all the piano parts and sings as well. Her major talent extends to acting with an amazing on stage performance. The songs that I marked out from this 19-track release (actually it's 18 tracks  'cause track 13 is completely empty) are Hamlet, I Miss You and of course the exceptional Butterfly.

If you are a fan of the Operatic/Baroque Metal, Ayin Aleph I is going to give you a reason to follow Aleph's career from now on.


3 Star Rating

My Bloody Marriage
Grey Ashes
Valpurgis Night
Sebastian's Prayer
Army Of Love
My Bloody Marriage (Goule Version)
The Purchase Of The Cathedral
Black Roses

Es Muss Sein
Alcove Rhapsody
I Came
The End
I Miss You
Ayin Aleph - Vocals, Piano, Harpsichord
Mark Mynett - Guitars
Anthony Scemama - Guitars
Jean Jaque Moreac - Bass
Yann Costes - Drums
Record Label: Invencis


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