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Azaghal - Nemesis

by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 24 May 2012, 12:07 PM

AZAGHAL is a band from Finland that was founded in 1995 and started out under a different name. Besides name and member shifts they have also quite a history in demos, EPs, Split albums and Full-length albums. “Nemesis” released through Moribund Cult Records is their eighth full-length album and does hold a classic Black Metal sound that’s brought with Black Metal experience and terror.

Black Metal’s not an easy genre, even though there are enough out there who think it is, but creating a dark convincing atmosphere is just as difficult as creating any other atmosphere. Wanting to play this genre and actual creating this genre can be two totally different things, just like trying to copy a sound or create your own sound from the depths of your own soul. Guess that’s what I did find on the album “Nemesis” from AZAGHAL, a Black Metal terror sound created, not copied. And it shows that they’ve been there before, so easy they seem to handle the terror inside this album that does sound like a nightmare out of the deep pits of hell.

The world of the nightmare does unfold itself as soon as the music starts and how deep the pit of hell is shows as soon as the echoing screaming vocals arrive. The rolling drums, fat bass lines, fast guitar riffs are just as fitting as the terror slow parts of this album that at adding to the black atmosphere. These are team players who not only like to play the game, but who are playing it for a while too.

Don’t like reviewing an album track by track, simply because I want to leave that to the listener of this genre. So much does depend on personal taste, but I can tell that the album “Nemesis” from AZAGHAL, does not sound like one big song to me. Same nightmare with different angles, giving every song its own black scene, with dark vocals and or terror screams. The vocals and rhythms behind this album “Nemesis” are drawing in catchy and atmosphere creating, making this one hell of an album for those who are a fan of the black metal terror genre.

Here we have a saying that does say: Practice does create art. The history of practice has made AZAGHAL to be able to create this piece of art. A Masterpiece inside their genre.

5 Star Rating

1. De Masticatione Mortuorum
2. Pojoisen Valkoinen Kuolema
3. Vihasta ja Veritöistä
4. Hail The Whore
5. Ex Nihilo
6. In Deathlike Silence
7. Black Legions Of Satan
8. Nemesis
9. The Pit of Shoggoths
10. Satanic Devotion
Niflungr - Bass/Vocals
Narqath - Guitar
JLNokturnal - Guitar
Chernobog - Drums
Record Label: Moribund Cult Records


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