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Azaghal - Of Beasts and Vultures (Reissue) Award winner

Of Beasts and Vultures (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 31 May 2019, 3:51 AM

Finnish Black Metal foundations were set by BEHERIT and IMPALED NAZARENE in the end of the 80's, showing the world that the country had a scene with some musical features that are personal from those frozen lands. Since then, the genre evolved a lot, but some bands prefer to keep their music as old fashioned as they can, but bearing a musical identity. It’s the case of AZAGHAL, an underground legend, and here is a reissue for “Of Beasts and Vultures”, the band’s third full length.

Originally released on 2002, the band’s musicality was focused on creating a brutal and aggressive musical work into Black Metal, keeping the same elements from those days from the beginning of the 90's, when the SWOBM haunted and tormented many fans. But AZAGHAL isn’t a clone and their music doesn’t sound outdated, but alive, ferocious and excellent as always. Some dark and introspective melodies can be heard in many moments, and their musical technique isn’t on an extreme high level (but isn’t so simple as well). Yes, their music sounds great and with that grim energy that the fans love.

The sound production was done in a way that the band could keep its crude and aggressive approach, but in a way that the listener can comprehend what the band is doing. All sounds in the proper way, with those nasty raw instrumental tunes that die hard Black Metal fans will love. And “Of Beasts and Vultures” was remastered as well, boosting the original sound quality.

The album’s songs are all great pieces of Black Metal, but the brutal and charming mix of harsh guitars and charming melodies heard on “Helwettiläinen” (some clean parts are really great), the fast tempos and aggressiveness of “Welho”, the Punk/Hardcore touch on some parts of “Reign” (another great work from guitars), the terror storm unleashed on the slow tempos of “Kaikki Elävä Kuihtuu” (were bass guitar and drums are creating a simple, but heavy, rhythmic basis), the band’s classic called “Peto 666”, the Black/Thrash essence of “Verenjano” (excellent shrieks), and their excellent version for BATHORY’s “13 Candles” (they created a different rhythmic approach, and the musical technique improved a lot from the original version, but always keeping the songs as nasty and putrid as they can) are the ones that will nail the fans’ hearts with talons and thorns.

Still important and relevant as always, this new release for AZAGHAL’s “Of Beasts and Vultures” (the first reissue since the original one) is really a great choice, so run for your copies as fast as you can.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Helwettiläinen
2. Welho
3. Reign
4. Kaikki Elävä Kuihtuu
5. Of Beasts and Vultures
6. Peto 666
7. Minä Olen Tie
8. Verenjano
9. Epilogue
10. 13 Candles
11. From the 9th Circle of Hell
Varjoherra - Vocals
Narqath - Guitars, Bass, Clean Vocals
JL Nokturnal - Guitars
V-KhaoZ - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Moribund Records


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Edited 28 January 2023

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