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Azrael's Bane - Modern Day Babylon (Reissue) Award winner

Azrael's Bane
Modern Day Babylon (Reissue)
by JOGANEGAR at 12 August 2017, 9:34 AM

AZRAEL’S BANE is a Melodic Metal Band from Houston Texas, reissuing their 2008 album “Modern Day Babylon,” which was originally published and critically acclaimed as a follow up to their debut album “Wings of Innocence” released in 2004. As a young and ignorant adolescent, I used to consider reissues were a way for the bands to get a time off or just make an income from a previously successful work, but as I grew older, the duties that come with age included the abandonment of any sort of prejudice without prior knowledge. One of the best things about this band features are the fact that power and melodic metal will continue to emerge from the United States of America after AZRAEL’S BANE takes over the road and the studio this year, with renewed faith and strength to show current bands how it is done with grit and most of all the pursuit to honor a fallen friend everyday by not giving up on their music or their fanbase.

A reissue 2008’s “Modern Day Babylon” brings us to the perception that sin and reckless behavior have not abandoned the human kind, and contrary to what everyone seems to project in their everyday life, major cities can sometimes function as a harvest for crime and the defiance of moral and common sense over mayhem and the quest to satisfy the most primal desires of the most primitive parts of ours being. “The Edge of Thorns” was my favorite track on this album, both for the piano intro that sets up the melody for the rest of the song and for the powerful intonation of the voice and the way the rest of the instruments revolve around it as satellites around the power and special growl like vocals of Trey Gadler, despite some minor production flaws throughout the album that may come short to doing justice to the front man of AZRAEL’S BANE, the living proof that Texas is not to be messed with when it becomes time to get things done.

Power Melodic Metal with a slight salute to acts like QUEENSRYCHE, played straight from the heart with a deep purpose, an example of meaning through eleven songs of a sincere and straightforward effort to preserve and thrive in the everchanging world in which we live in (Sorry for the reference Mr. McCartney),  As seasoned heroes through the turmoil that can sometimes be the music scene this band has the upper hand when it comes to returning to the road and the development of a new album for the upcoming time.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Save Us All
2. Breath
3. Brother (Never Meant to Last)
4. Shades of Memory
5. The Forbidden
6. Carry On (Jerry’s Song)
7. Seclusion
8. The Promise
9. Send Me
10. Damian
11. Edge of Thorns 
Trey Gadler - Vocals
Jeff Clifton - Guitars
Chuck McFadden - Guitars
Brent Marches - Bass
Van Turner – Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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