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Azrael - Television Slave (Reissue) Award winner

Television Slave (Reissue)
by Chelsea Jennings at 26 December 2014, 3:06 PM

The album "Television Slave" is being released as a special edition limited CD with nine bonus tracks. There will be approximately 500 copies of the "Television Slave" coming out for special orders. AZRAEL is known for covering thrash and death-core metal hits. The "Television Slave" album seems to have a theme of songs that discuss the self-destruction of humanity in the world today.

The album "Television Slave" opens with a song titled “Jesus Freak” that begins the entire album with the discussion of how some people are so concerned where they go in the afterlife that they miss out on the life they would otherwise get to live here on earth. The album continues with tracks such as “Apologies” that discuss how people say they are sorry for the way they have acted, but yet they do not realize that time is running out on this world. One day we will no longer be here, and we will have not another chance to make our actions right. The actions we take today could determine the end of humanity in many devastating ways. Ironically, AZRAEL also include tracks such as “THEY LIVE” which ridicules people for apologizing for their actions while not doing anything to change how they live. People continue to lie and live a lie in their lives, and they see nothing wrong with their patterns while making no attempt to change their behaviors. This is what they believe will be the downfall of human kind. We are seeing it today, and it’s going to get worse as times goes on.

AZRAEL go beyond the traditional eleven tracks that were on the original copies of "Television Slave" and offer fans an additional nine bonus tracks on the special edition release of the CD. Songs such as “Social Distortion” and “Our New World” discuss the exact problems that the world is having today. It shows what AZRAEL may  believe is the downfall of humanity. As “CHAOS” mentions on the album, the entire world of humanity is not sure how toe react to where the world is going today, or how to turn things around. In the end the result is the human race driving itself into the ground more and more as we try to make things change. The sad truth as is mentioned by AZRAEL on this album is that no one human being can change the directions of humanity alone,m no matter what they dry to do. We are helpless to watch the world around us change unless everyone decides to come together to act and make things different.

AZRAEL’s latest release is a brilliant concept of what is wrong with humanity, and the world that we live in today. It’s spot-on in saying that humanity claim to want peace and a new order of life, but yet we continue in our old, corrupt ways and don’t do what is necessary to change the world we live in to thew world we want it to be. Things continue to spiral out of control, and the human race just come together to denounce that direction if we want to see change. Between the combination of driving drumbeats and thrashing guitar riffs and howling vocals, the sound of the album really hit the traditional “thrash” sound right on, while offering an interesting concept to an album that gave the listener a lot to think about in the sense of where humanity is going in the world in the future. It makes us ask ourselves: Where is humanity going in the future? What are we doing to change it?

4 Star Rating

1. Jesus Freak
2. Apologize
3. They Live
4. Little Man In A Boat
5. Television Slave
6. Evolution’s Mistake
7. Deadly Disease
8. Ignorance
9. Our New World
10. Chaos
11. Demons
12. A-Jam (Nottin’) (Bonus Track)
13. Under the Lights (Bonus Track)
14. Death From Above (Bonus Track)
15. D.F.O.,S. (Bonus Track)
16. Hellsex Mosh (Bonus Track)
17. Welcome (Bonus Track)
18. Social Distortion (Bonus Track)
19. Deathmetal (Bonus Track)
20. Life Support (Bonus Track)
Ken Andrews
Matt Riley
Brain Christopher
Steve Zentner
Bob Keobel
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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